15% Off Nicotine Retail & Wholesale and Two Other Promo Codes

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    Oct 11, 2017
    Take Advantage of Three Promo

    Codes all at One Time!


    *Promo Code Nic15 expires
    Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 11:59pm EST

    Nicotine Giant Supplying RTS Vapes Product

    1. Same quality products from the same manufacturers;

    2. Same site layout for your convenience;

    3. If you already had an account with RTS Vapes, your login,
    account information, rewards and history are still available to you.

    4. NicotineGiant.com is open Monday - Friday. We process orders all day
    as they come in. Your order will ship within 24 hours of us receiving
    it with the exception of orders received after 2pm on Friday. Those orders
    will ship Monday.

    5. We would appreciate any feedback about the site or any
    questions you may have. Please email [email protected]
    or create a ticket on the site. We will promptly respond!

    NG-Team Members look forward to serving you!

    Flavorless Liquid Nicotine - Promo Code: Nic15


    Flavor Jungle Concentrated Flavoring - Promo Code: FJ30


    Inawera Concentrated Flavoring - Promo Code: IW30



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