2Fdeal: Brunhilde MTL RTA 23mm &Tripod Style RTA

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    Nov 17, 2016
    Authentic Brunhilde 23mm MTL RTA 5ml
    Diameter: 23mm
    Juice Capacity: 5ml
    Height with Drip Tip: 59.5mm
    510 Drip Tip (two height sizes)
    6 Levels Airflow
    Easy & Fast Refilling
    Easy Single Coil Building
    Automatic E-juice Transfer
    Bottom Airflow brings fabulous flavour
    Premium Stainless Steel Wires from Germany

    ULTON Tripod Style 316SS 22mm RTA 2ml/3.4ml Combo (1:1) - Silver

    510 threading;
    316ss material;
    2ml capacity;
    Single coil build deck;
    The Deck
    The deck of the Tripod is targeted for single coil setups with design details aiming to facilitate and improve rebuilding process as much as possible. Focusing on some of them, you can see high precision large pan head phillips post screws, conveniently placed rails to capture wire either between rail and screw head / body or around screw body (depending on wire D), cut – outs on outer deck rim for easier rebuilding, cut – outs on inner deck rim plus cotton wells to help proper cotton placement and juice distribution along cotton body, sufficient liquid intake slots on deck sides ( approx. 4.0mm x 2.0mm). The Tripod deck can literally host any size of single coil build, from classic small sized ones up to larger exotic coils.

    The Air Flow
    You may tune air flow via four pin options, each one with air hole D=1.0mm/1.2mm/ 1.5mm/1.8mm pinned inside a D=4.0mm nest. You may also regulate more “airy” flow via the AFCS Ring, adjusting from zero to D=4.0mm.

    The Drip Tip
    Another interesting point is the custom drip tip that comes with the device. This is a two-parts assembly as well, with its two parts sandwiching the Top Cap to ensure extra stability when removing top cap to refill. The drip tip is easily removable to let you use your own 510 drip tip.

    Optimised Ergonomics
    A thread-less mechanism with twist and pull / push actions in order to design and manufacture high precision parts that make vaping with an RTA so much easier. Instant access to deck can’t get any simpler and quicker. You just twist, align the small triangles that are located on the sides of chimney and deck and then pull in order to access to your deck super quickly, any time, even with a full tank. Same with refilling, as good old screw on threaded cap is no longer here. Simply align triangle on side of the top cap with the dot on the rim right below and pull up to refill through the large liquid slots. Don’t need to worry if you find it hard to spot dots and triangles: If you twist and pull gently you will definitely get it when you reach to the aligned – unlocking point of each mechanism.

    $28.96 Vazzling Pur Slam Piece 30mm 18650/20700/21700/20650 Hybrid Mechanical Mod (Engraving Version) w/Shot RDA - Black Red Dot

    510 threading connection;
    31mm overall diameter;
    Brass construction;
    Hybrid top cap;
    Side fire button;
    Powered by 1*18650/20700/21700/20650 battery (battery sold separately)

    ULTON Juggerknot Mini 24mm Style RTA 2/4.5ml (With Logo)

    24mm Diameter
    Single coil
    No leaking
    Postless deck
    Pull up top fill
    Side installed screws (No coil twisting)
    Adjustable Top airflow
    Airflow stopper (No free spinning)
    New deck design (More airflow + Flavor)
    Triple channeled airflow to coils
    Airflow to coils (side,under,top)
    Signature 810 drip tip (Random color top)
    Glass 4.5ml bubble tank
    Glass 2ml tank (/Europe/TPD laws)

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