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    Jul 16, 2016
    The purpose of this thread is to demonstrate and share my knowledge on the various subjects of portable vaporizers, e-juice and their composition.

    I've been vaping for a little over a year and a half now. I would still consider myself a, "Novice" of sorts I still have yet to create my own e-juice and build complex coils and larger setups. I just wanted to share some of my knowledge, experience, and tips & tricks to new and prospective vapers out there.

    The Difference Between Vaping and Smoking

    • Smoking:
      • Smoking is the inhalation of smoke via combustion.
      • Smoking Tobacco generates Tar, that yellowish brownish tint in the filters of cigarettes.
        • Inhalation of Tar can lead to eye, nose, throat and lung problems and longtime use causes damage to something called the P53 Gene which can eventually lead to cancer. (More info)
      • Benzopyrene, which is contained in high concentrations in cigarette smoke, has a clear connection to lung cancer.
      • Not to mention about 50 more carcinogens and 400 toxins in the average cigarette.
      • Is a nicotine delivery method, which is the primary purpose for the user.
    • Vaping:
      • Vaping is the inhalation of vapor via vaporization.
      • Vaping is thought to be a much safer alternative to smoking because it removes the majority of carcinogens and toxins being delivered from the user, however there isn't enough research being accomplished or finished to prove this fact.
      • Is a nicotine delivery method, for only those who choose to add nicotine into their e-juices.
    Keep in mind both can dehydrate you

    My own opinion is that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking. I do not believe vaping is 100% safe.
    Atomizers (and Clearoimizer and Cartomizers):
    • Atomizers are small disposable coils and wick that are essential to vapor production
    • Atomizers come in many different materials such as (Stainless Steel, Nickle, Titanium, and Kanthal to name a few)
    • Atomizers act sort of like a sponge pulling juice from your tank (if there is one if not you are dripping) to the coil and allowing the juice to vaporize evenly
    • Clearomizers are just like atomizers except you can see how much remaining liquid you may have left
    • Cartomizers are small disposable, pre-made atomizers that come with "e-juice" already inside them and they are non refillable
    • Cartomizers are outdated.
    • A burnt taste is a clear sign you will need a new atomizer
    • Atomizers are made specifically for the type of tank you own and are rarely interchangable between different tanks.
    E-juices: What you Should Know
    Composition and Risk:
    1. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
      • Humecant, Solvent, Preserver, Thickener and Sweetener in the Food Industry
      • Non-Toxic
      • Vapor producer, more of this and you'll have larger and more full clouds of vapor
    2. Propylene Glycol (PG)
      • Toxic in extreme doses via inappropriate oral or intravenous administration
      • Lack of research on the inhalation of PG is the main cause of worry because it may be an irritant to some people
      • Flavor carrier, more of this and you'll have stronger e-juice flavors and a more powerful throat hit
    3. Nicotine (Optional)
      • Poison
      • Causes birth defects
      • Thought to be, but not enough research to say its a carcinogen
      • Fatal lower limit of Nicotine ingestion is 6.5–13 mg/kg
      • Causes throat hit, mild irritation, and a head rush in appropriate doses while vaping
    4. Natural Flavorings
      • In e-juice natural flavorings can create methyl alcohol(as well as almost all fruits) which cause a strange or juice ruining flavor. This stuff can be very dangerous (10 mL of pure methyl alcohol can cause permanent blindness and 30 mL can even cause death) so throw away e-juice that is over 1 year old or past its expiration
      • Diacetyl is found in some creamy e-juice flavors which caused "Popcorn Lung" in 2006 (Look Up Wayne Watson he sued for damages in 2012)
      • Citric Acid is found in some Tart e-juices and is fine in small amounts but can cause irritation and small ulcers on the tongue if used excessively
    • Steeping is when you let your e-juices sit in a cool dark place to let the flavors and nicotine absorb into the juice.
    • Steeping is not necessary, but I think it cause a more enjoyable vaping experience
    What I do:
    • I let the juices sit in a large cigar box for one day at a time then push all the air out and let fresh new air in each of the bottles of e-liquid I have. Then I cap them and shake them as hard as i can to make sure the ingredients are staying well mixed. I repeat that process for a few weeks and then after that time is up i don't shake them out any more but try and let new air in less frequently than before.
    There are other methods available, this is just the one I personally use.

    Some premium e-liquids come pre-steeped, so when you buy them you don't have to worry about this whole process.
    Nicotine Levels:
    • If you are using atomizers that are ≥ 1.00Ω throat hits are going to be more mild
      • Start with 6 mg/ml if you have smoked before raise it if you need more
    • If you are using atomizers that are ≤ 1.00Ω throat hits are going to be stronger, as more vapor will be produced.
      • Start with 3 mg/mL adjust as needed
    • X mg or X mg/mL = 0.X %
    • For Example 12 mg/mL = 1.2 % nicotine content and 6 mg/mL = .6% nicotine content
    W, Ω, and V (oh my)
    • Wattage (W):
      • Wattage is an important aspect in terms of nicotine delivery, vapor production, and ramp up speed
      • In general, lower wattage means lower ramp up speed which means less heat which means less vapor production and less nicotine delivery
      • Higher wattage is the exact opposite; faster ramp up speed, higher temperature, more vapor and more nicotine, more flavor, but it drains your battery
      • Per my experience, the nicotine in my 6 mg/mL e-juice doesn't hit me in my .35 Ω coil until I push about 45+ W
    • Voltage (V):
      • V = IR, I = V/R
      • Similar concept to wattage however, it is dependent on resistance
      • Better if you want a similar experience from different coil
      • Between 4 and 5 volts is where i like to vape
    • Ohms (Ω):
      • Ohms are the resistance rating of the atomizer coils you use to create the vapor
      • Ohms have the opposite effect similar to what Watts do
      • Lower ohms mean ((where wattage is constant) slower ramp up speed, more controlled temperature, more vapor, more nicotine, more flavor, but it drains your battery, shorter life
      • Higher Ohms faster ramp up speed, less vapor, less nicotine, less flavor, longer life
      • Higher ohm coils do have an upper limit as they can get hot enough at lower watts to actually break down the coil and burn and ruin the cotton wick
      • I use a sub ohm tank now but I used to use (and enjoy) the eGo One with 1.00 Ω atomizer heads because they lasted longer.
    Box Mods and Mechanical Mods
    • Box mods have a screen that allows you to see the output of your device be it variable wattage, variable voltage and/or temperature control
    • Box mods also hold batteries (most of the time 18650 rechargeable Li-ion), and some include safety features such as reverse polarity protection (if you put you batteries in wrong), short circuit protection, and can shut off if too low or too high of a resistance is detected or if you held down the firing button for too long
    • Mechanical Mods hold batteries and only complete the circuit between the battery and your atomizer
    Tips and Tricks
    • If you realize that the e-juice you bought has too much nicotine in it, you can dilute it with a non nicotine e-juice
    • If you notice when you inhale there is a scratchy feeling, it is time to at lease replace the wick of an atomizer or buy a brand new one
    • If there is a dry feeling in the back of your throat after or as you inhale and then an irritating feeling as you exhale, your throat could be irritated and you should ease it on the vaping for 3-4 days, if you must lower you wattage or, sometimes i found this can happen when i mixed more nicotine concentrated juices, heat up the coil and blow lightly until you see vapor come out, you might hear some popping and that is okay, then take a small inhale your throat might still be irritated but it won't hurt as much; you can also close off the airflow to get a more wet vapor.
    • A more restricted airflow means thicker and denser clouds
    • Always fill the tank from one of its edges, never down the, Chimney (hole in the middle).
    • Wait an hour or two before you use a brand new atomizer to let the juices soak in, unless you can prime it by dripping e-juice directly onto the coil and surrounding area, letting the wick soak
    Congratulations,you made it to the end, hopefully you can use my knowledge in some way, happy vaping
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    Hi there and welcome to VU, good read in your above post, My advice is to pull a few reference links to back up your statements better when you explain your thoughts about flavorings and Nic, other members will no doubt comment on the entire post as well.

    Enjoy the forum
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    Commit !
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    Hey ntbriggs. Very nice thread. Thankyou very much for this. I'm a new vapor so a lot of the info on here is very helpful to me. Very informative.

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    Thanks for your effort @ntbriggs Sometimes we forget that the things that come as second nature to those of us that are not new to vaping are very confusing to a new vaper. I remember when I first started. Everything seemed so complicated. Once I began to read and put together the puzzle it wasn't nearly as hard as I first thought. I'm sure newcomers will find your post very helpful.
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    Thanks for the advice I'm into vaping 3 days and this post helped

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    Welcome to VU Jason! Hope you enjoy your vaping journey!
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    Jun 14, 2017
    Marked!a lot of knowledge for beginners.
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    thank you for sharing
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    Good info!!

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    Ty very much for adding this to the post I read all of it and it was a very good read with lots of helpful overwhelming I'm still a noobie vapor well actually I started and tried my first of many attempts about two years ago. I'm so thankful I found this site bc I've apparently still don't have it quite right ugh Any way ty very much for the extra information. Have a great day!!!
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    Indeed. There's so much to learn and to be aware of when starting vaping, compared to smoking. With smoking, all you do is unwrap the cigarette package, then light it with a match or lighter. Very easy. With vaping, there is a learning curve and a larger money investment. The more experienced will rebuild their own coils and mix their own e-juice.

    This is why I think a lot of smokers will not get into vaping. Some just do not have the desire to go through the trouble of learning to vape and getting all the equipment. I can be intimidating to a lot of smokers, especially older smokers.

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