Anyone have a Yokan X-Linx 2200 mah ? Or Vapresso Veco Plus Solo?

Discussion in 'Cigalikes - Stick Batteries, Proprietary Systems' started by Kinkyvapurrr, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Jul 5, 2017
    I was looking at many of these from the ego to the eleaf and on and on and just when I decided on innokin I just saw a gal say she trading hers in for a unimax ( another one I had in my cart lol) so I broke it down to these last two in hopes of some only great news, haaa! I luv the size of the Vapresso I have tiny hands and the smaller the better but I also like the fact it's got more than a 2ml tank, 2ml tanks are annoying and unnecessary imo. I like the fact the Vapresso battery is 3300 mah and I've actually heard of Vapresso can't say the same about the Yokan, but there might be many I've never heard of I'm relatively new to the vaping online world so that's why I hope someone here will have some good news about it.. I'm going to be smart and not say I wish 'I would've known that ' next time I buy a unit..;)

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