Anyone see Fox News a/b 2:15 a.m. last night? So-called Vapor expert vs. Dr.-Embarrassing!!

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    Nov 15, 2018
    Did anyone watch Fox news last night? We have AT&T and it came on our channel 210 at a little after 2:15 a.m. eastern standard time.
    They had a doctor talking about how vaping is bad for you and how it is marketed towards children because of the tasty flavors with cool names, they said.. and the so-called vaping expert was some guy they found on YouTube that does tricks with his smoke- and had absolutely ZERO knowledge about vaping or health effects of it.

    Whenever they asked him why he vaped, he said stupid things like -" it makes me look cool", "chicks dig it", & "it's fun, check out how I look cool doing it", as he Vaped 2 vaporizers at the same time, Etc.

    The doctor was saying that 80% of children under 18 years old have vaped, and they have started seeing more people in the hospitals with popcorn lung.

    I had just read about popcorn lung the other day, and it is a lung disease that used to be prominent with people that worked in popcorn factories, which is how the disease was named- because it is caused by a chemical in popcorn factories, but don't hold me to it but I do believe that the FDA has banned that specific chemical long ago.

    The guy had never heard of it and said basically that he didn't care and that everybody should vape, and it was so embarrassing.. I could barely stand to watch it.

    I was just wondering if anybody else watched this? (It was exactly like when you see bystanders to a disaster that are shown on the news, and they are complete idiots. It made us all look so stupid for him to be our so-called "expert".)


    It would have been so nice if they had someone even SLIGHTLY intelligent on there to discuss vaping, and that the flavors are sometimes really complex- and adults love them- that they are not marketed towards children, etc.

    Just my rant, and wondering if anyone else did see it and was as embarrassed as me to be associated with ANYTHING that this guy does/says?
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