Are opinions changing? Research suggest that electronic cigarettes are not sinister

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    Are opinions changing? Research suggest that electronic cigarettes are not sinister
    Posted by brian yaeger on 7/31/2014 to Vapor comments


    Today, more evidence was shared that electronic cigarettes are not only a healthier alternative, but that they do not cause non-smokers or children to want to go out a buy a pack of cigarettes or start vaping. The evidence suggest quite the contrary. As we all know the FDA and other people inside the government make bogus claims based on bogus facts about electronic cigarettes all the time.

    A new review posted by the addictionjournal.org states that current evidence suggest that potential benefits far outweigh the risk of using such devices. The new review also states that although long-term evidence of electronic cigarette use has yet to be studied due to the limited time they have been on the market, compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes they are far less likely to be harmful to the user and or bystanders.

    Also in the review by the scientific journal of addiction they conclude that although there are many gaps in the research this does not warrant more strict regulations concerning such devices. They should not be regulated in the same facet as traditional cigarettes. It is also stated that regulatory decisions need to be proportional, based on the evidence, and incorporate an accurate appraisal of the likely risk and benefits (Hajek, 2014, p.2).

    This research was conducted by a leading team of international scientist led by Peter Hajek. The research itself makes it positively clear that electronic cigarettes should be allowed to remain in today’s marketplace and that health care professionals should offer e-cigs as an alternative to people who refuse to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

    While researchers and politicians battle it out as to the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes the ecig marketplace is bolstering a huge up rise in the amount of people turning to these devices as a safe and healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. As I have stated in previous articles the truth many times are far from the facts. As our government looks for ways to regulate the industry more often than not you have politicians screaming uninformed information down the people of the United States throats. If they would only look at the facts for what they are instead of trying to meet some political agenda things would go a lot smoother. There would be actual facts behind the regulation that hold water. This would in turn or by proxy make electronic cigarettes safer in the long run for the common user because regulation would be done consistently alongside the truth.

    Now, let me get to the point of electronic cigarettes and how they will cause the non-smoker to all of the sudden want to start smoking. To this day I have yet to hear of any case of someone who didn’t smoke pick up vaping as a hobby. This is just another attempt or lie to get you to believe that somehow ecigs are sinister. It is far from the truth, and there are no reported cases of this happening. Why on god’s green earth would someone who didn’t smoke want to invest the money in such a practice? It simply just not true. I’m not saying that it can’t happen I’m just saying that it’s not probable.

    The facts are the facts and electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to the traditional cigarette. It has helped me to quit smoking after 17 years, and it has helped many others just like me. I now believe that the regulations proposed are just a game that it played at high levels of government to get the most tax benefit possible. There is no real concern for the citizens because if that were the case than tobacco would have been outlawed long ago. It’s just government lobbyist doing their job, and trying to get the maximum benefit for whatever their side is. I’m still not sure where most politicians stand but I know that I stand on the side of truth. That is what’s important to me.
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    But it has not stop the banning or restriction of e-cigs in many cities.

    as we all know, once something is in place, it is hard to make it go away.

    The lost of Personal Freedoms is at a all time high in this Country.

    Thanks to those that keep re-electing the same people in all offices, Local, State and Federal...
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