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    Jul 3, 2018
    Can anyone share how the wick their bravo for 70 to 80vg juices
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    Dec 23, 2016
    Never got round to writing my review for the Bravo kinda felt I missed the window by the time I bought it, but here is the wicking approach I was going to put in it (got some pics left fortunately)

    Cotton Bacon V2, Scottish roll method (look that up on google) the coil ID is 3mm

    1. Coil Placement ..I pull them out as far as they’ll go without shorting on the chamber assembly ...this pic below was too far oops :oops: a little inward was needed just a mm or so 683BAB2A-F677-4AD6-9553-D3D02B32162B.jpeg

    2. This is where I position them side on 72979C4B-A694-495C-9873-99DB67CF4676.jpeg

    3. After pulling through the cotton (I use a single peice and loop it round through both so it has the same exact consistency both sides) pull it back and forth a few times to settle it into each coil....after that’s done snip the side it’s connected so you have separate cotton in each side. The cotton should feel pretty snug inside the coil without moving it out of position.

    4. Rake the cotton each side to thin it out 6EF5D13D-96C1-4636-986E-BA77E59F839B.jpeg

    5. Rest your scissors against the outer AFC Knurling and straight cut


    6. Against rest scissors against the AFC and angle cut each side like so

    7. Feed the cotton into the well working from the bottom feeding it in bit by bit do not want it overly stuffed here ..if you start forcing it stop and go back to step 4 ...and start from there again ..the bottom of the wicking below the deck there should be fluffy


    8. Juice it up check for gaps should swell here but notice for instance the one on the bottom right there still has a gap ...use a pin to sculpt the cotton and move it slightly away from the bottom airflow ports 10EF34D7-5B1D-4CFE-BF65-423E01E6E553.jpeg

    Re-assemble ...reverse thread the chamber first to make sure you haven’t caught any cotton in the threads ...if it’s scratchy remove and check nothing being pulled out of position and repeat

    One all done up fill one quarter only to check it’s wicking ok

    I recommend closing the airflow before refilling it otherwise I get a bit of seepage after refill ..don’t leave the top cap off for too long and take a few puffs directly after refilling to stop it happeneing

    It does seem to weep though but it’s condensation rather than leaking you are probably seeing in the airflow ports, at least thats what I found which was a downside for this atty
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