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    I'm sorry if its the wrong forum, please move if necessary, thx.

    I am in no way affiliated with any of these businesses, nor do I get any kind of compensation for posting this, however not all of us are doing diy or are not doing complex diy just yet. So I personally thought, I'm going to post some on going promotions/sales here, and maybe we all can experience their juices together. I've never tried them but it can't be that bad right? Lol let's be adventures together, if people have experience with these lines, feel free to post your feedback.

    Here it goes:

    Beyond the Bottles (btb) are going out of business and selling their 120ml @ $5 each. Free shipping on orders that contain 5+ bottles.

    Announcement of the sale here:

    Be advised that shipping in general seems to be slower with them, specially during sales.
    Sale lasts allegedly till October 25th.

    SwaggSauce is having a sale as well, 30ml @ $4.99, 60ml @ $9.99, 120ml @ $14.99, 180ml @ $19.99 and last but not least they do offer single flavors @19.99 for 120ml
    On top of that, they are offering a flavor of the month deal @ 9.99 for 180ml
    And even on top of that entering the coupon code "monster" gets you another 10% off.

    Free shipping on orders of $30, orders below will have shipping cost and depending where you live, it can be cheap or expensive, there's no flat rate like some other vendors offer.


    Sale ends october , 16th @ midnight, I believe

    Now a vendor I do know, but haven't tested their awesome town line yet. The Sauce LA having a 75% off on that line, as well as introducing/adding two more/new juices to it. Normally its a promo for the 2 new flavors but the code works for all of them, just ordered couple 60ml at $4.99 ea.

    Check it out here,

    Code is "VapeNow"

    They also having a sale on their main stream line ($9.99) as usual but "Capone" is being sold @ $4.99 for 120ml

    Code: "Capone120ml"

    Limit 2 bottles per customer!

    Not sure when that sale exactly ends. Free shipping on orders @ 39.99.

    And while we at it, I did order vape wilds sampler pack, 3 x 10ml @ $0.00, you only pay shipping if you've never ordered from them before. Pick 3 flavors, go to check out and apply code "welcome10".


    I hope that will help some people out, that don't want or can't spend 25+ dollar on one bottle of liquid but are sick and tired of vaping the same flavor day in and out lol. Or maybe you're just as adventures as I am, and like to see what's out there in the "budget" range of juices. Either way enjoy, folks.
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