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    Jul 18, 2018
    I posted this in the "Ejuice discussion" area before I realized there was a separate trade section. So I am reposting it here.

    I bought this bottle of Blind Sniper (I think it's 30ml) with three other bottles. By the time I was tasting this one the guy was rushing me and really it didn't taste like anything at the shop. Perhaps my taste buds were worn out by that point.

    But now that I've got it home and can give it a proper tasting I don't really like it. It's a tobacco flavor, tastes like briar pipe tobacco with licorice notes and a bit of caramel. It's not that bad really and generally I like tobacco flavors but after trying one small tankful I decided it's not for me. So the bottle is basically new, I've just used a tiny bit. It's "3" nic strength.

    I was just going to leave it on the shelf or maybe throw it out but I thought I would join a vape forum and see if anyone wants it. I'll mail it to you, just paypal or crypto me to cover postage that would be great.

    It was mixed by Towson Vaporium, a local store. I liked their Vanbacco flavor, another tobacco flavor but this one just isn't for me. I think they've discontinued this flavor, I could not find anything online about it.

    I added another photo for size comparison. The Blood Orange is the only bottle that has the size on it so I know that's 100ml, it's on the far left. The one in the middle is Vanbacco, I think that's 60ml and the one on the right is the Blind Sniper which I think is 30ml

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