Buck Naked H2 refillable vaporizer starter kit.

Discussion in 'Mods & PVs' started by Renoyote, Jan 23, 2016.

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    Jan 22, 2016
    I got this unit on Friday from my favorite "roll your own" online store. they just started carrying a couple of e-cigs and some juice.

    I had been using the VaporFi Express and Pro II before I decided to get this one on a whim.

    First of all, I found that the battery had a charge so, I didn't waste any time before trying it out.

    I was very skeptical about the 650mah battery claim because the battery is TINY! I found out though that it lasted me through an entire day and still had power to burn the next day. I haven't managed to run the battery down yet before plopping it into the charger when I go to bed.

    Now, about that charger... nice little gimmick but that's what it is... a gimmick. It's a round metal base with a pin in the middle that contacts the bottom of the battery. the "advertising" calls it a "MagSecure" charging base... well, there is very little magnet to it and I would not call it secure in any fashion. But, it works. Plug the USB cable in and it does the job. Just keep it in a flat and level surface. A tiny led light turns on red when charging and then turns green when the charging is done or the battery is not on the base.

    As for vapor, WOW! This thing beats the crap out of both of my vaporFi units! The clearomizer has a replaceable bottom fed atomizer that seems to just plain work better than any top fed, long wick, atomizer I've tried. No more turning the unit upside down to ensure the atomizer is wet. I don't get the burned taste that seems to show up so often in my VaporFi units either.

    the 2ml tank is big enough to last me most of a day and it's pretty easy to fill too. Yeah, it's plastic but I haven't noticed that causing a problem.

    In short, I can feel pretty good about recommending this H2 from Buck Naked. I got mine from here: https://www.highdeserttobacco.com/Buck-Naked-H2-vaporizer-starter-kit_p_39.html for $24.99

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