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    May 1, 2014
    June 2 & 3 the www.centralpavapeexpo.com is invading the Mogantown Center in Morgantown, PA.


    The Morgantown Center was a large shopping center in the past and has recently been converted into a Classic CarMuseum/Convention Center. Not only are you going to have the awesome booths to see while walking through the show, you will also have 100's of classic cars to look at through the glass. The show this time is presented by LIQUID WHOLESALERS. They carry many of the best e-liquid lines on the market today. This time you can expect to see many different things. We have the best e-liquids companies in the industry coming along with equipment companies. We have a CCSL sanctioned Cloud Comp sponsored by SADBOY E-liquid as well as a trick comp that will bring some of the best tricksters in the business. Most importantly we will have speakers for advocacy and FDA regulations.

    New to the show this year will be the addition of Tattoo. After a lot of thought and consideration we have made the decision to combine the 2 industries into one awesome expo. We feel that the 2 industries go hand and hand with many vape shop owners also owning tattoo shops. We understand the concern by many with having vape and tattoo in the same area, rest assured we have prepared for that and have a large section of the venue enclosed by glass for the tattoo area away from the vapor. So how much better can 1 show get? We have VAPE, we have TATTOO, and we have CARS.

    None of this would of been possible without the help of all of our sponsors: Liquid Wholesalers, SADBOY E-liquid, Liberty Vapor and a few more to be named soon. So please show all of these fantastic companies your appreciation by supporting them, it's as easy as clicking on there logo above.


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