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    Nov 14, 2015
    Hi Guys,

    So I'm thinking of entering a cloud comp and am after some recommendations for coil builds. Firstly let me say I am user of mech mods and am a competent builder. I understand ohm's law and only use Sony vct5a batts in my mods. I have a Goon 1.5, and a Druga that I'm thinking of using. One will be for a regulated mod and the other for series mech.

    The competition requirements are

    Series mech, dual 18650 only, 0.36ohms or above ( I use 0.38ohms and could never hit it like you need to for a cloud comp so will need to be higher than that)

    Regulated 200w max no ohms limit. ( I have the choice of using a dna250 triade, SX mini G-Class or Minikin v2 but am leaning towards the G-Class in Powerfull + mode)

    So what I'm asking is what RDA should I use for what class, what regulated mod out of those three would be best and finally what are some massive cloud making coils I can build to meet those specs. I use steamengine and know how to build for the way I vape every day but not to chase massive clouds.

    Cheers Guys and Gals from your pal Down Under


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