Coils or Mod issue: Crown III/ Dna250

Discussion in 'Pre Made Coils You Buy' started by GorGon27, Sep 28, 2017.

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    Aug 12, 2016
    I am using this combo. Got both devices at the same time. Of course I have other devices and tanks including rba'/ rta's.

    At random the Dna250 will not recognize the ss316 material, thus defaulting to power mode. When in temp mode.

    I cannot try other combinations because this is completely random. It could go for day's without this issue or it can happen with battery change/ screw on atty. Not nearly always and not with any regular frequency. Just random. I cannot figure out what duplicates it so I do not know if it is the coils or the mod. I have tried two packs of coils. So far that was my only troubleshooting but that proves nothing.

    Do you guy's think this is the coils, the Dna250 or the 510 on the tank or mod?

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