Come Join Our Vaptio Paris Fans Meetup! Get IPAD!

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    Feb 24, 2017
    Sipping cocktails with vaping influencers, enjoying vape tricks with other vapers, feeling heartbeats in luck draw, and moreover, getting iPAD!! Where could we experience all these?

    Just come to Vaptio Paris Fans Meetup!!! It's totally for free!

    There will be a Vaptio fans meetup party in Paris on Oct. 7. Instagram Influencers and vape lovers will be there with you to enjoy vaping, delicious food and games together! Just have fun and get special gifts!!!

    Play the lucky draw and win:

    1. The latest IPAD 9.7-inch!

    2. Vaptio Limited Customized Golden Capt'n Paragon Kit (only 60 kits around the world)!

    3. Vaptio Anniversary Coupon to shop at low price!

    4. Special Fan Tailored Necklace!

    5. Special Fan Tailored Wristband!

    Want to join us? please click and choose Paris to sign up! Welcome to come with your friends!

    Address: Paris, France, venue info is coming soon.

    Date: October 7

    Come and have fun!!!

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