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    Jul 23, 2014
    I have experience and love going to vaping events here in the USA.

    I am a semi-retired disabled veteran and am able to drive to states in the USA to represent your company , meet with venders, talk to visitors , give out samples and collect data about the venders that have booths there. I have been attending large vaping events for a year and have good relationship with several large venders and event organizers.

    I currently work for a large Chinese company that is having problems with the quality of their products and I don't want to sell or promote a bad product. If you have a good product and need help promoting it, I can help.

    I would rather work for an American company, but the Chinese made me a great offer and until I recently found out about their business practice , I was happy with them.

    I like attending one event a month and can afford to work for a small fee plus expenses.

    If you are interested and in need of good representation at these events, send me a PM here at the VU. I'm a senior moderator and spend a lot of time here keepings up with this fast moving industry.

    Ry Marcus.
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