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    May 18, 2014
    Contest Guidelines
    1. Contest must NOT require use of an affiliate/referral/reference link
    2. Contest END DATE must be included in the title
    3. Contest must Not run longer than 30 days from the start of the thread (unless its an ongoing contest) All contests must be winner drawn within 30 days regardless if you require a certain amount of entries.
    4. VU Authorized Vendors Only are limit 2 contests at a time in our Contests Forum
    5. UnListed vendors will only be permitted to run a single (1) contest at a time in our Contests Forum
    6. There shall be NO TAGGING ALLOWED for any contests
    7. Contest winners MUST BE posted in the original thread in the VU Forum
    8. Links to Facebook, Gleam, Rafflecopter ARE allowed
    9. Any Vendor reported to not deliver on its wins will be forbidden from posting any future contests
    10. Requiring our members to carry links to a vendor site in their banner/signature area as part of the contest is NOT allowed
    11. You are not allowed to post anyone's personal information. IE: real first name, real last name, shipping address, phone number, tracking numbers, etc. This is something we take very serious, and may just ban you for it.
    12. Once a contest has ended and winner has confirmed delivery the thread will be closed.
    13. Vendors cannot require winners to buy the product outright and then wait for reimbursement back from the vendor. Winners should not have to pay for the product they are winning in any form. (Other than shipping or a minimal amount for FDA reasons).
    14. Contest winners must be drawn/posted within 72 hours of the contests posted end date. Not drawing winners on time can/will lead up to your contest privileges being revoked.
    As well as our forum rules and vendor guidelines ...
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