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    Aug 23, 2018
    I received diamond mtl rta from sourcemore for the purpose of this review.

    Damn vape diamond mtl rta colors:

    - Black
    - Silver



    - Material: Stainless steel
    - Size: 22 x 39mm (including drip tip)
    - Tank Capacity: 2ml / 3.5ml (bubble glass)
    - Drip Tip: 510 Delrin

    In the box:

    - Diamond MTL RTA
    - Bubble Glass
    - Spare Parts Bag
    - User Manual


    Diamond rta comes in two different colors, you can buy it in silver or black color. This is a very small atomizer, it is 22mm in diameter and 39mm in height with drip tip. In the package you will receive spare parts for the atomizer, you will receive bubble glass tank for more capacity and you will receive one more airflow screw. Build quality of this atomizer is very good, threads are good and machining is also good. On the top cap you can see some details so you can easier unscrew the top cap, on the chamber you can see engraved "Diamond", also on the chamber you can see logo and from the bottom you can see some standard informations.


    Atomizer comes with one drip tip and this is a 510 drip tip. Drip tip is pretty much okay for using, it is good for mtl vaping. In case that you don't like this drip tip you can use here any 510 drip tip without any problems.

    This is a top fill atomizer and as I said on the top cap we have details that helps when you want to unscrew the top cap, I would like that engravings are little bit deeper but you can pretty much easily open the top cap. When you take off the top cap you can see two fill holes. Fill holes are big and you can fill this atomizer with any bottle without problems, also there is no any leaking when you fill the atomizer which is very good.


    This atomizer has small chamber and chamber has nice conical shape which is really good for flavor. With this atomizer you will recieve two tanks, one is a regular glass tank and the other one is bubble glass tank. Capacity of the regular glass tank is 2ml which will be probably good for most people, with bubble glass tank capacity is 3.5ml which is really good capacity for small atomizer. Perosnally I like to use this atomizer with bubble glass tank. On this atomizer you can unscrew the base and change the coil or cotton while you still have e liquid in the tank because tank stands perfectly on the top o ring.


    On the build deck you can see two screws that holds the coil leads, screws are good and I didn't have any problems. On the build deck you can also see two wicking slots and you can see airflow hole under the coil. Building on this rta is very easy, you can really fast place your coil here, placing cotton is also very simple you just need to make sure to put in the slots good amount of cotton.
    On this atomizer we don't have the airflow control ring which for someone will probably be a con but I belive many people will like this. To adjust the airflow here you need you use the screwdriver which is perfectly fine for me, because once when I adjust airflow that I like I never change it.


    How this atomizer works and my thoughts:

    Diamond rta is very small and very simple atomizer for using. Build quality of the atomizer is really good and there is nothing that bothers me about quality. This is a top fill atomizer and you can fill the tank really easy and really fast without any mess which is great, also you can fill the tank with any bottle which is great, there will be no leaking when you fill it but you need to wick it properly.
    Capacity of this atomizer is 2ml with regular glass tank and 3.5ml with bubble glass tank, capacity with bubble glass tank is really good for small atomizer and I really like to use this atomizer with that glass.
    Drip tip is comfortable for mtl vaping but under it you can expect some condensation which will be a con. Airflow adjustment on this atomizer is good in my opinion, because once when I adjust the airflow there is no reason to adjust in again. Airflow on this atomizer can be really tight and some poeple will really like that, but also airflow here is a bit loud, perosnally I am fine with that. Build deck is very simple for building and you can place your coil really fast. Wicking slots on this atomizer are little bit bigger than on other mtl atomizers and because of that you need to place the cotton in the slots very nicely, as I did on the picture. I recommend you for this atomizer 2.5mm coil because wicking slots are big, so you can go with 2.5mm coil or with 3mm coil, personally I prefer 2.5mm coil. With 2.5mm coil this atomizer works really good and flavor is really great, really one of the best atomizers for flavor. Throat hit on this atomizer is good and vapor production is also very good for one mtl atomizer.
    So this rta is really good rta, it performs very well and I really can recommend you diamond mtl rta.


    - Condensation under drip tip


    - Good build quality, machining is good and threads are good
    - Capacity with bubble glass tank is 3.5ml
    - Easy to fill
    - No leaking
    - Good flavor
    - Easy to build
    - You can change the coil or cotton when you have liquid left in the tank
    - Airflow can be really tight
    - I like the airflow adjustment
    - Good drip tip for mtl vaping
    - Atomizer works really good

    Thanks sourcemore

    You can buy it here: Diamond rta

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