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Discussion in 'Pay It Forward (PIF)' started by keegs321, Nov 10, 2018.

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    Nov 9, 2018
    How’s it going guys? I’m currently deployed in Kuwait and was wondering if any of you guys do care packages for soldiers who vape. I have a unit with 10 people who do, and with the holidays coming up it would be awesome to get some stuff sent in as a gift to boost some morale. If any of you guys can help. Dm me for the address
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    Nov 15, 2018
    Hi! I unfortunately I am on disability and on a very tight budget, but when I was working my company did pick a good cause for us to donate to each year for Christmas, and one year they volunteered to pay shipping 4 us to do care packages using the anySoldier website, where you can go and people can pick the branch and the person they want to donate to and you can post a list of what you need as a soldier..
    That year I spent my $200 bonus + another $150 at Dollar Tree, and sent 4 HUGE boxes that cost just as much to ship as it cost 4 everything I purchased.
    Anyway, wish I could help this year, but am now on disability.. but I just wanted to really THANK YOU AND YOUR'S for your service.
    Please pass that on to your fellow brothers and sisters.
    (My boyfriend was in Iraq for 13 months, in the reserves for 9 years, and of all the things he could have done, I could not be more proud of him than for his sacrifices for our freedom.
    Please have a great Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas! Hopefully someone will be able to get a care package to you.
    (Shipping overseas requires so many documents that are difficult to fill out and is so costly, that I think that is the problem.)

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