DIY E-Liquid flavoring to Buy on First Purchase

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    Dec 30, 2018
    I’ve been searching Vaping Under Ground for a post I found last year and hoping someone else may have seen who posted it.
    It layed out all the Top Flavoring you should buy to start out and explained the difference in all the different brands

    I bought all my equipment to make my e-Liquid and with 1,000 of flavors and different manufacturers it’s so difficult to know where to even begin to buy my first order of flavoring.
    I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on flavors you don’t need or should I buy Strawberry or Real Strawberry flavor.
    I go to a site and my head spins wondering if this is the best strawberry or out of 3 different kinds.
    The post I saw broke it all down and gave you the top 20 or so flavors you should have to start.

    If anyone knows the post I’m speaking of please and let me know.The person took a lot of time explaining everything about the different flavorings and who where the best.
    If you know of a detailed post on DIY flavorings and which ones are the best and the best company to purchase them from I would be very appreciative. I’m also wondering if you need to start with 15,20,30 different flavors to start with to get started.Im very compulsive so if I do it myself I will end up spending $500 the find out that I did need half the flavors.

    So Thankful to Vaping Underground for putting this fantastic forum together to teach vapors about everything from coils to DIY e-Liquid. And also to all the people who give us Newbies trying to get started
    Thank You
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    Feb 3, 2015
  3. RonJS

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    Jul 31, 2014
    Find several recipes you think you would like to mix and buy those flavors.

    Check out the recipes posted in that section of this Forum. Good recipes can often have a bunch of feedback but of course that is no guarantee. Read the reviews and possible suggestions. A lot depends on what you like.
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    Jul 10, 2017
    That's a great write up by Hillbilly Pig, but my suggestion is same as RonJS. Find a few recipes. Check out the community packs at Bull City Flavors.
    I'm not much of a mixer, I'm a recipe follower then make a few adjustments for taste.
    Thank goodness there are mixers around that share.
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