Doctor lies about E-Cigs. I snuff him out with words.

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    Doctor lies, I snuff him out with words!!
    Posted by brian yaeger on 8/3/2014 to Vapor comments
    This Doctor Pissed Me Off

    Today, another person and or doctor is using their own beliefs about electronic cigarettes and ignoring the science that is being published on what it seems is a daily basis. I also believe that the sky is green, we have sent people to the planet Neptune, and that pigs can fly. Here’s an exact quote from this so called doctor who ignores science to implement his personal beliefs. I thought they weren’t supposed to do that.

    Q. Are electronic cigarettes a good alternative to smoking?

    A. As far as I’m concerned, the nicotine in electronic cigarettes makes them no better than regular cigarettes. Nicotine causes addiction; if you’re using an e-cigarette, you’re not going to cut that addiction.

    Although E-Cigs are a relatively new product the science has been published that not only are they a healthier alternative to smoking they do in fact help smokers of traditional cigarettes to quit smoking. Here is a little excerpt from another article that completely dispels what that doctor said.

    To be clear here, this isn't a controversial claim. Or rather, it shouldn’t be. The Food and Drug Administration admitted the same thing itself in an offhand remarkat a Senate hearing on tobacco products. A group of 50 top global scientists agreed,saying e-cigs could "save hundreds of millions of lives."


    He also said that there a good chance that non-smokers would use electronic cigarettes as a gateway to start smoking regular cigarettes. What a load of entire crap. We all know that this is far from the truth and just the murmuring of an uninformed doctor. Did he purchase is doctorate at Wal-Mart or something.

    Let me continue before I get mad. We all know the rumors behind the e-liquids and how they pose a threat to the entire human race because they have flavor in them and that kids will immediately want to smoke electronic cigarettes because of that. Well, I guess they better ban all alcohol sales too, because last time I checked I could go to my local convenient store and pick up some flavored vodka. I guess kids are running out there doors to get that too. This ploy by the prohibitionist to make you believe that flavor is to be a concern is just them running out of stuff to talk about. Here’s an idea, supervise your kids a little better, teach them discipline, and you won’t have to worry about it.

    He also had the nerve to say that Propylene Glycol was a toxic substance and a close cousin to automotive anti-freeze. Did you hear the word “close?” That means that it is not the same thing. Get your facts straight before you go blabbing them to the whole world on the internet.

    This type of stuff just really strikes a chord with me because once again just like many politicians the facts are being twisted to meet some hidden agenda. Well, I quite frankly am sick of it. It’s this type of stuff that can stifle a whole entire industry leaving me the little guy to close down my already small business.

    In conclusion, I would like to say thanks to all the complete liars out there giving me something to blog about today and to keep it coming so I can snuff you out with my words.
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    To quote Ron white "you can't fix stupid"

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