Electronic cigarettes and Diacetyl. Harmful or not?

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    Electronic Cigarettes and Diacetyl. Harmful or not?
    Posted by brian yaeger on 9/7/2014 to Electronic Cigarette News & Story's


    There has been a lot of growing concern lately about the chemical diacetyl in some of the e-juices being produced by companies and I found it of utmost importance to dispel the belief that somehow you will automatically get sick from using such an E-liquid although much is done to prevent companies from using this chemical.

    It should be known that this chemical is found in many of the foods we eat each and every day. In fact, the FDA considers this chemical relatively harmless for consumption in low doses.

    Diacetyl is one of the main flavorings used in shortening, oil sprays, margarine, and other artificially flavored butter substitutes. It also commonly found in potato chips, cookies, candy, gelatin, frostings, and syrups. Chewing gum, soft drinks, and ice cream are other common sources where you might find diacetyl.

    Now if you keep up with the news on electronic cigarettes there have been a bunch of what I like to call “scare articles” to get you to believe that you might find yourself on the operating table in the wake of using such products but no need to fret.

    The main reason for one who has gotten sick from diacetyl is that they worked inside in industrial facility and were exposed to extreme doses of it. These types of things actually happened to people who worked in popcorn factory’s coining the term “popcorn lung” or as it is known in the medical community bronchiolitis obliterans.

    It should be also known that the company who had produced this flavor that contained the chemical immediately took this product off the shelves.

    The ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) who works closely with many of the manufactures of e-liquids has measures in place for their members as to not have these types of chemicals show up in storefronts. They do this by some in house testing but largely by independent testing procedures.

    What they fail to mention also, and I think it should be dually noted is that traditional cigarettes contain much higher amounts of the chemical as their counterparts do being electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have been on average 100 times lower then tradtional cigarettes.


    So the question is do you need to worry about it? The answer is most likely no. As noted before you would have to take in heavy doses of the chemical for any acute reaction to be facilitated. If you are really worried about it just avoid flavoring that are buttery in nature. Also, it is a good idea to know that the company you get your e-liquids from are held to a strict manufacturing process and that there are test in place for just such matters. This means you will need to do a little bit of homework before purchasing your next liquid purchase but I would definitely recommend it.

    In conclusion, the electronic cigarette industry and in self-respecting manufacturer works hard to keep as many harmful chemicals out of your body. The goal is to get you away from all the harmful things that cigarettes were doing to your body in the first place.

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