Endoca has a program for applying for 50% discount for 6 months 4 Disabiled.

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    Nov 15, 2018
    Hello Veterans! 1st off, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

    Next, I wanted to tell you about the company I use for oil, and this link may not last long, but I really wanted the veterans to see this.

    I am going to post it over in the correct Forum..but the company I use for the relaxing oil from the hemp plant, I get from the company called ENDOCA.

    They have a program- where if you are DISABLED.. or HAVE CHILDREN who are DISABLED - and you cannot afford the oil, you can see about getting in to their PROGRAM- where you get a 50% DISCOUNT FOR 6 MONTHS..that is automatically put into your cart after you sign up by creating a login, and write an email to customer service and ask them to forward it to the people who run the program.
    If are accepted, you can stock up at 1/2 price during that 6 months!!

    -Just wanted to let you know, because there are lots of disabled veterans who could really use that for PTSD, pain- and other problems.

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