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    Apr 27, 2014

    The newest Smok Subohm tank is here and its at an epic price!

    The SMOK Resa Prince Tank is here! The Resa Prince is the newest incarnation of the popular line of Prince Sub Ohm Tanks from SMOK. The Resa Prince Tank is beautiful to behold with its elaborate cobra design resin chassis and matching drip tip. This new Resa Prince atomizer emits a red glowing light when used with SMOK T10 coils. This new Resa Prince tank will truly stand out from the crowd. Talk about "WOW Factor!" The Resa Prince tank features massive vapor production and dense flavor, LED light coils, a top fill system and wide bulb style glass tube. The new convex glass increases e juice capacity to a whopping 7.5ml. The large Resa Prince Tank capacity reduces the need for frequent refills so you can vape on the go. Refills are effortless with the improved top fill system which has been upgraded so the top cap simply comes off when twisted to easily access the fill port. The Resa Prince provides excellent airflow via the massive dual intakes for huge vapor and deep rich taste. The air intake is easily adjusted to your personal preference from wide open to anything in between.

    The Smok Resa Prince Tank utilizes the same coils as the TFV12 Prince, but there are two new options available, including an RBA head.

    The Resa Prince Kit includes the V12 Prince Q4 for deep rich vapor clouds, the V12 Prince X6 and the V12 Prince T10 red light coil. Optional heads are the V12 Prince M4 and the V12 Prince RBA that has smooth airflow and a dual post deck.

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    Click here to get more information on this deal....
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    Mar 14, 2016
    Damn, Joe. Just when I talked myself out of not jumping the fence into a whole new line of coils. The prices on the Resa and Prince right now are amazing. But I always buy 10 boxes of coils with a new line. Not to mention purchasing different colors. Jeesh.

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