Episode 131 - Captain Slammit

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Episode 131 of the Totally Vaping Awesome Podcast is up - The Podcast is Freeze and Mooch - the Two guys behind VapeMania and VaperSlam. It's an entertainment show, so be prepared to laugh, cry, and get angry. You like it, so maybe you should put a ring on it! Find it on iTunes, Soundcloud, and any other podcast app and make sure to Subscribe!

    Listen now- http://soundcloud.com/thetvashow/episode-131-captain-slammit

    Also this weeks's giveaway comes from The Vapor Girl and is 3 bottles of her new Voodoun Juice MAX Vg line - with all the nic being organically grown right here in North Carolina. You can get in on the giveaway right here - http://gvwy.io/833wc5

    See you Friday for another rambunctious episode of Totally Vaping Awesome.


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