FINIC Fish Pod Cartridge & OneVape Lambo II Cartridge

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    Apr 5, 2016
    Guys, today I will introduce you two kinds of replacement pod cartridges - VOOPOO FINIC Fish Pod Cartridge, which is compatible with VOOPOO FINIC Fish Pod Kit, and OneVape Lambo II Pod cartridge, which is designed for OneVape Lambo II Pod Kit.

    1. VOOPOO FINIC Fish Pod Cartridge

    Finic Fish Pod Cartridge by Voopoo is designed for VOOPOO Finic Fish Pod Kit, featuring open juice refill system, easy to operate in one step with 1.7ml juice capacity. It is also perfectly compatible with Nic-salts e-juice with unique 1.6ohm coil.


    Order one now:

    2. OneVape Lambo II Pod Cartridge

    OneVape Lambo II Pod Cartridge is specially designed for the OneVape Lambo II Pod Kit, and it features new airflow design, which is able to better flavor through the side intake. What’s importance is that the 2ml cartridge whose 1.6Ω cotton coil fits for juice while the 1ml cartridge whose 1Ω ceramic coil matches for CBD. It meets different requirements.


    Purchase one now:

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