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Discussion in 'eJuice' started by MrMeowgi, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Sep 25, 2015
    Got six bottles for sale would rather sell as a lot as I really just need the room instead of juice I'm not vaping. All has been bought in the last 2 months. All is 3mg. 2 unopened,1 I tasted a drop on my finger. I literally just have to much to vape this year and now I'm into diy so I definitely need room. I figure 500ml for $30 shipped. Figure it'll be in a box as this quantity won't fit in a padded envelope.

    Verde valley-100ml Berry cream, missing 5ml
    Vapewild-30ml Hannibal nectar, unopened
    Verde valley-30ml spearmint gum, missing 2ml maybe
    Abstrakt vapor-120ml Main squeeze, missing 1 drop
    Abstrakt vapor-120ml Molly rancher, unopened
    Abstrakt vapor- 120ml Molly rancher, missing 10ml

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