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    This is a personal review of my current vape, the G-PRIV 2. While I'm speaking from my own personal experience with it, I will remain as objective as possible.

    If you are a potential buyer, this review is for you!


    The G-PRIV 2 is a color touchscreen, dual-battery 230W-TC mod by SMOK. While this mod cranks up to a maximum of 230W, it comes with the TFV8 X-Baby, which has a maximum wattage range of between 30-80, and a recommended wattage of between 55-65.

    While the X-Baby is an incredibly nice, high-end tank and uses the innovative top airflow system (no leaks!), it's not going to get you the maximum power out of the mod itself, making it a questionable pairing (for me, at least). That's why I went with the Cloud Beast King TFV12, which will get you the full 230W, with a max recommended range of up to 200W. This, for me, is the best possible match for the G-PRIV 2.

    If you're quitting smoking and switching to vaping, or if you're someone who wants the biggest possible clouds, I'd recommend the upgrade to the Cloud Beast King. However, if you're someone who generally vapes at lower wattage, then I would definitely stick with the default X-Baby that comes with the mod. In my opinion, this also looks better when paired with the mod.

    The G-PRIV 2 has a sleek design and feel, and a solid weight to it. It doesn't feel cheaply made, but the trigger button and finish can get chipped pretty easily.

    With that in mind and considering that this mod has a touchscreen, it's definitely a desk mod, and not something you'd want to carry around in your pocket. If you're someone who's active or does a lot of traveling with their mod, you might want to consider something more sturdy.

    That said, the G-PRIV 2 does come with a silicone sleeve that fits it quite nicely if you're looking for added protection. If using this sleeve, you should be able to get away with carrying it in your pocket, so long as you make sure there's nothing else in there with it.

    The G-PRIV 2 has a metal side-fire key that spans almost the whole length of the mod. It takes a bit of getting used to, but feels pretty nice and clicks upon fire and release, and provides the perfect amount of tension so that it's not firing in your pocket. Clicking this 3 times will lock the fire key to prevent it from firing, though, I haven't needed to use it yet.

    Just above the side-fire button is a small menu toggle button. Clicking this will toggle the screen on and off. Holding it down will lock the touchscreen, something I recommend doing when you're not making adjustments, as the screen is quite sensitive.

    The touchscreen is beautiful to look at and has an incredibly simple design. There are four menu buttons, Variable Wattage Mode, Temperature Control Mode, "Screen," and "Puffs."​


    It is very sensitive and responsive, so you don't have to mash the screen with your finger to get a response. I personally love the touchscreen, and I think it adds greatly to the appeal of this mod.

    The VW menu has the preheat settings Soft, Normal, Hard, and Max, and each one delivers a distinctly different puffing experience.

    Temperature Control can be toggled on and off, and within this menu you can also select the type of tank you are using- Ti, Ni200, or Stainless Steel.

    The "Screen" menu simply lets you change the color of the touchscreen, and has six different color options.

    The "Puffs" menu monitors how many puffs you've taken, all the way up to 9,999 (I'm currently at 3,376).

    The "main" screen is where you control either the temperature or wattage (dependent on whether or not you're using temperature control mode - but I'd personally stick to wattage). This is the screen that you will see every time you toggle it on or off. It also has two small battery-monitors at the top right corner, though, it doesn't actually show the percentage unless you're plugging in/unplugging the device.​


    The mod uses a micro-USB port for charging, located at the bottom of the mod. This is one thing that bothers me slightly, as you have to lay the mod on it's side or back in order to charge it. That said, I think this is a smart design move, as most vapers use an external battery charger. This sort of "hides" the charging port from regular view. There are also three vents at the bottom to prevent your batteries from overheating.

    The dual-batteries rest inside of a carbon-fiber magnetic backing, that actually looks really nice.​


    The battery panel is a bit tough to get off as it is closed firmly with four magnets, but it's pretty easy to remove once you get used to it, and you'll never have to worry about the battery panel falling off or being crooked. It fits on the back very firmly, and it's incredibly easy to reattach.

    The G-PRIV 2 performs amazingly well. I've yet to have problems. The mod itself stays very cool, mine has yet to get warm even once. The tank gets a little hot, but only when you take frequent, back-to-back puffs. This is something I do often, and while the bottom of my tank can get pretty hot, it cools down relatively quickly.

    Regarding the TFV12, I only have one warning: if you're planning to get this tank along with the G-PRIV 2, just note that mine was leaking out of the bottom airflow initially. This may be common sense to you, but just in-case it's not -- when adding liquid to the TFV12, remove it from your mod and make sure the airflow is completely closed. Once you've finished adding the liquid, flip the tank upside down and let the liquid run until it settles at the top of the tank. Only then should you flip it back over and open the airflow. This was the only thing that solved my problem with leaking.​


    And that about sums it up. Performance-wise, this vape is amazing. I've yet to have any performance issues. The clouds taste awesome and they are smooth. I vape at about 160W, so I do go through liquid pretty quickly. If you're looking to buy this mod, I would highly recommend doing so! I've heard nothing but good things about it, and so far my personal experience makes it obvious why. I hope this review helped some of you, in some way, and made it easier for you to decide if you're looking to buy a new vape. Unless you're like a mega-dude-bro cloud chaser (nothing wrong with that), this is truly a high-end vape. It is perfect for the habitual vapers, or someone who is looking to quit smoking.​

    Recommend?: Yes
    Rating: 8.5 out of 10
    Price: $99 - $130


    - Beautiful, high poly color touch screen.
    - Quality build.
    - Sleek design.
    - Quality performance.
    - Good reliability.
    - Warranty.
    - Variable wattage.
    - Comes with a great tank if you vape at low wattage.


    - Several indents and crevices that catch lint or gunk.
    - Not a good portable mod.
    - If you break the screen, it's done for.
    - The metal and paint finish isn't that durable.
    - Charging port on bottom of mod (good if you use external battery charger).
    - Could come with a more powerful tank.

    If this review helped you in some way, please leave a thumbs up! Thanks.
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