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    The Geek Vape Tab Pro is the latest build station released from the folks over at GV. It is essentially a mod laid on its side with the 510 mounted on the side so there is a larger flat surface for better build stability on your table. They generally come with one (or in rare cases two) 18650 batteries inside which allow you to fire the coil to bed them in.

    This tab is a major departure from the original ones released by Geek Vape last year. With a regulated 50w step up and down chip, the ability to read down to 0.05 ohms (but only fire down to 0.1) and a much more heavier base for better stability, it looks like the stops was pulled by Geek Vape on this release. How does it actually perform as a build station though? Let's find out...

    ═╣ Geek Vape Tab Pro ╠═

    3:10 ◄ Unboxing
    3:51 ◄ GeekVape Tab Pro
    5:00 ◄ Controls and Screen
    12:23 ◄ Thoughts


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