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    Nov 24, 2017
    In 2018, VAPECCINO launches a HnB device which serves new tobacco “cate” for smoking alternative users.

    VAPECCINO MIX Official Video Review:


    MIX, a heat-not-burn device supports IQOS HeatSticks, HEETS, Fiit, Ploom Tech Capsules and Vape. And now we review this multifunctional device through cooking(heating mode), looking, tasty flavor , tactility, and cleaning ways. Like making and tasting a delicious dish.

    Cooking(Heating Mode)

    About 18 puffs per stick, heat from bottom to top, every puff is pure and consistent. MIX adopts innovative VERTICAL 3D CONDUCTION, making HeatSticks heated from the bottom to top, like a real cigarette. As a result, Vaporize the whole stick evenly and deliver the 100% tobacco taste without burning taste.

    Additionally, heating the stick below 300℃ which is better to release the essence of the whole new tobacco. Both heating mode and smart temperature control cooperate to gurantee stealth vaping and strong throat hit. Every puff is warm instead of hot steam. Warm enough but not for hot steam.



    Unibody portable device abides by minimalist design, leave nature 91° curved edges with natural curve of palm. Finished by UV to create touch-friendly sense, like touching the glass screen of iPhone, glossy, smooth and scratch-resistance.


    Tasty Flavor

    In order to release bigger vapor and more flavor options, MIX can also support Sticks, Ploom Tech Capsule, Vape and Sticks+Vape.


    Ceramic heating element, vaporize the steam without heavy metallic taste.


    Vaping Tactility

    2500mAh high-capacity battery, it is enough to support 20 sticks. What’s more, MIX embeds double plates to cool the device, it cools when 3 sticks are sucked in succession.



    When eating up “cate”, it is annoying for us to wash the dishes, but not for MIX. MIX innovates cleaning way. Adopting 3D heating chamber will make heated stick completed like the new one except the carbonized tobacco, which is simple to load and unload the stick. And you just need two motions to clean chamber wall, piercing the hole with cleaning pin and wipe with cleaning stick. It just took about 4 seconds to finish.

    After cleaning, the pure and consistent tobacco puff attacks you next time. Continue to enjoy the pure “cate”.



    Output Mode: Auto Mic

    Charging Time: About 90mins

    Puffs of One Stick: About 18 Puffs

    Tobacco Ohm Range: 0.5-0.8Ω

    Juice Ohm Range: 2.8-3.5Ω

    Charging Port:Micro USB Port

    Intelligent Induction:Vibration Motor


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