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    Dec 23, 2016
    Welcome to the VU Community Challenge section.

    This area was born from the desire to bring our forum community closer together, to show our appreciation for all of our members continued support and their valued input to the place we all call home.

    We envision this section to be an opportunity to promote team thinking; whether that’s to aid others, pick up new skills, meet new people, share ideas in order to tackle challenges together …..Above all else we want everyone to be safe and have fun!

    With this in mind here’s how it all works:

    Step 1: Check the Sub Section
    http://vapingunderground.com/forums/announcements-info.861/ for our schedule sticky of upcoming challenges, news and prize announcements. Please note there might be a gap between one challenge ending and the next starting so we can get everything ready.

    Step 2: Pick a challenge topic which may interest you

    Step 3: A thread will be opened at the start of each challenge period and locked when it's completed. The rules and terms for a particular challenge will be listed in the first post.

    Step 4: If its a challenge you feel you can contribute to, by all means jump in and bring along your friends.

    Step 5: We want to reward participation for members who encourage, genuinely contribute and give back to the community…. as such we have invited sponsorship for the challenges (details of the product(s) on offer and company will be included within the second post of each challenge (where available).

    Step 6: This is a community project, we want you our members to drive this as much as us…if you have any ideas for future challenges please drop them into the idea submission thread. Tell us the idea itself and the challenge rules/limitations to set your fellow community members.


    We will have a VU Challenge Team to support you. The team is made up of both moderators and members who will discuss/develop all content coming through in order to set you all the challenges.

    The Challenge Team have all agreed to remove themselves from being eligible to receive awards in the interest of serving the community and remaining neutral in judging events.

    You might see some VU Challenge team members have a sponsor badge as well. In cases where they are sponsoring a particular challenge; they have agreed to sit out from any sort of judging process should it be needed.

    Warning Please Read: Some challenges may not be targeted for new or inexperienced vapers. It is your responsibility to evaluate each challenge and only enter if you feel you have the knowledge, capability and experience to do so. The forum owners, its affiliates, sponsors and team members running the challenges are not responsible or liable for any damage and/or injuries that may occur by the use or misuse of vaping products. You assume all risk by undertaking any activity within.

    The forum owners, its affiliates, sponsors and team members running the challenges specifically disclaims liability for incidental or consequential damages and assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of the reliance and use or misuse of any of the information or content on this website.
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