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Discussion in 'Requests' started by LadyRed69, Jul 3, 2014.

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    I hope to give a bit of advice. We all come across a juice we truly love, and for reasons unknown, need to have a recipe of that version of juice. Some may say it's unfair to a juice creator, and others say for good juice, it can not be cloned.

    It's true, Good Juice can not. Some use extracts, flavorings and n.e.t.s that are just impossible to get the amounts right, or it takes too long to trace down the flavor, or the flavor just can not be bought from just anywhere. Others use blending techniques that are hard to pick from. Not to discourage anyone, but with some info, it is possible to at least come close, if not even better than what you are looking for. (Sometimes!)

    Most people that can help out with requests, either know of a similar recipe, or can mix up something and post up. What I look for is:

    Inhale taste and feel.
    How does it taste on the inhale?
    What flavors can you pick out?
    How smooth or harsh is the vape on inhale?
    What is the "throat hit" feel? (Peppery? Cool? Hot?)

    Exhale taste and feel.
    What do you taste on the exhale?
    How smooth or harsh is the vape on exhale?
    Anything special to note on the exhale.

    Note anything, the more info, the better.
    With only knowing a name, to do a google search and read up on reviews, yes that is good, but it doesn't help the person requesting a juice recipe. Taste is subjective. What I find in a juice, might not be for you!

    I hope this will help out our community.

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    Oct 1, 2014

    I agree that it is impossible to clone a juice 1:1. I have tried doing it a few times and while I may not have cloned a juice perfectly I feel I have made something that is really tasty and sometimes better for a fraction of the cost. I will take the tradeoff of not having to buy and spend money on juices anymore for DiY. It's fun and sometimes aggravating, but in the end I am making 30ml's for a fraction of the cost; and I know what is in them.
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    Oct 25, 2015
    so the greater the wealth of information that's given the greater the chance you'll receive help. Makes perfect sense.

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