I have the worst luck :/

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    Hey everyone, thought I'd post this here, I hope no one is bothered by it!

    The whole story is a long one, so I am going to summarize a lot. Here goes!

    I am an entrepreneurial person by nature. If I have a specific hobby that I spend a lot of money on, I inevitably try to turn it into a business eventually. So a few years back I decided to start selling my DIY ejuice to friends. Over the course of several months, I spent probably in excess of 500$ on flavorilngs, VG, PG, empty bottles, measuring tools, etc. I filled a notebook with recipes (some mine, some from the internet). I spent a lot of time mixing and testing new recipes, etc.

    Anyways, during this time I had somewhat of a falling out with my family, and decided to move to Southern California (I'm from Northern California). It didn't work out for me, and at one point I had no place to stay. So I literally had to roll my luggage with me everywhere because it had everything I owned inside it (including my ejuice stuff and all my vaping gear (like 3 mech mods, 4 regulated box mods, like 6 pairs of 18650s, and more than a dozen RDAs / RTAs).

    Well, I made the mistake of leaving my luggage with the front counter of a hotel a friend was staying in. When I went to pick it up later, my friend was not with me, so the hotel guy refused to give me my bag. I was furious and caused a big scene about it before storming out. Apparently the hotel staff called the police on me, because I got pulled over while I was walking down the street away from the hotel. They took me to jail for the night, and I never saw my bag, clothes, or ejuice supplies again (not to mention all the other stuff that was in my bag).

    Well, fast forward to ~May of this year.. I had a major hospitalization (in the hospital for 3wks, then a nursing facility for 3 more weeks). I had money in my bank account and unlimited free time while in the hospital, so when I found out that the recipe for Mama J's Game Over Custard had been officially released (btw thanks @wllmc), I decided it was time to put in an order for some supplies and get back to mixing. So I did!

    When I finally got out of the nursing facility, I went straight to my family's house to grab the package from WizardLabs, came back to my apartment, and mixed up like 100mL of GOC.

    Only a few weeks later though, i had to go back to the ER because my pneumonia was not fully cleared when I was released the first time, and I got re-admitted for another week. Before the ambulance picked me up, I was feeling awful and 'out of it'. I was sitting at a public park and some douche thought I looked like an easy target or something, and he started f**king with me. I tried to grab my stuff to leave, and the asshole cheap-shotted me in the face, hitting me in the nose / mouth. Then he grabbed my bag and bike and took off. I was in no physical or mental place to defend myself, and he took advantage of the situation.

    As I'm sure you could already have guessed, all the new flavors / nic / VG i had ordered was in my bag. So was my wallet (including bank cards, state ID, SS card, insurance cards, etc). So was my BRAND NEW Amazon Fire HD8 tablet with case and 128GB SD card (also ordered while I was in the hospital), and also my BRAND NEW Smok G-Priv 2 Luxe Edition + the RBA deck + a bunch of various Clapton and etc wire, cotton, and a bunch of juice (also all ordered while I was in the hospital).

    I'm not exactly materialistic, but losing all my stuff so soon after buying it sucks majorly. I don't expect anyone to compensate me for all the stuff I lost. However, if someone out there has extra flavorings (or maybe you decided DIY isn't for you after buying some stuff to start mixing), please get a hold of me :) money is very tighf right now, but I will get something together if a good opportunity presents itself.

    Anyways, if nothing else, I hope you enjoyed my bad luck stories lol. Vape on, everyone!

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    When does he movie come out...........
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    Which one, 1, 2 or 3?

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