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    I want to get some info out there about this tank as I found very little on our boards and anywhere else for that matter, regarding it's performance.
    I've owned/used the Moradin 3ml RTA for about three weeks now. While trying to decide and still comparison shopping, I narrowed my search down to 4 tanks. The Moonshot, Gremini, Cirius and Moradin RTA's. I'm all about flavor, and from what I gathered these all rated well in flavor. I currently own/use a in order of preference Billow Nano v2, Goblin Miniv2 Subtank Mini,and the Chuthulu v2. All but the Chuthulu v2 have lived up to the general flavor concensus of our community. It did do much better when I built a large coil and ran it at 50w, but I perfer to build simple 26g- 2mm ID- .5-.7ohm coils and run them at 30watts.With that in mind I decided that the Gremini & Crius were geared more towards larger, more complex build and would probably under perform if I used them as I perfer, with smaller builds and lower watts. The Moonshot was intriging, but with it being such a novel design I decided to steer clear until v2 is developed. So, on to the Moradin......
    I choose to purchase the smaller of the two tank sizes as that is one of the few well established relationships to flavor
    The Moradin has only 3 parts that will separate.
    1)The deck, JFC, AFC are all one piece
    2) The tank, internal atty chamber and chimney are all one peice
    3) The drip tip/top-fill cap is the third.

    While elegant and a solution to many common problems, it does make it so that the glass tank is not removable and thus not replaceable if broken. Good enough fix for me is using a silicone tank band, but worthy of mention. An additional novelty is the drip-tip is not standard 510. It instead is a top-cap/drip-tip combo. It unscrews from the tank and is the refill access.
    It is by far the easiest refill I've ever used. While it does have a JFC that needs to be closed for filling, it is a simple "shutter" design. All you do is pull up on the AFC ring and small shutters slide up and over the atty's juice channels. Unscrew the drip-tip, fill through extra large juice slots and reverse your order. Flawless.
    The dual posts have one hole each, are thus shorter and it seems the designers took the opportunity to reduce the atty's chamber height a bit more. In all it's not the easiest to build on but by far not the hardest. The atty chamber and deck is lined with a white ceramic material that does seem to help insulate the rest of the tank from heat build-up. I am unsure if it helps with flavor as promoted by the manufacturer.
    Wicking is simple, the juice channels have a solid "wick placement ring" that sits at the top of each deep chanel. Once the wicking pulled through your coil, trim to the base's width, lightly fluff and stuff. I have had no wicking issues, since day one. No Leaks. No Dry Hits.... It's kinda weird, gotten so used to ongoing issues.
    For me and my build, this tank has a real loose draw. I typically have the AFC down to about half and that's still an easy DL. I imagine that if someone built larger ID coils in there it would tighten the draw up a bit, but it definately has a long way to go.
    In all this tank has great flavor. It is on par with my Goblin Mini v2 and Billow Nano v2 and unlike either one, not one drop of juice has EVER leaked.
    The 510 pin is not adjustable per say, at least very much, as it holds the positive post in place. If it's backed out too far the post on the deck come loose. When I first screwed it onto my mod, Kbox Mini, I had the initial scare of it not making a connection. With a very minute unscrew it connected and didn't compromie the build deck. I've had this issue before so I'm thinking it might be my mod and the pin has dropped a bit.
    While iCigCloud claims it's a 3ml tank, it actually only hold about 2.25ml. Obviously I do end up filling this thing up 3-4 times a day. I like changing my juice up through-out the day and it's so easy to fill It has no impact on my routines.
    In all, I'm very glad I choose this tank. It's a little off everyones radar so I wasn't very confidant it's what I wanted. Ultimately this is a plug and play tank. It just works really well, simple design and a pleasure to vape.
    Hope this helps someone.
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    Thanks for the great review!

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