Is Vaping Bad for You?

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    Sep 2, 2018

    Is vaping bad for your health? This question seems to require a simple answer, doesn’t it? Yet it turns out there is an underlying complexity to it. We will have a look at different aspects and analyze them one by one. Our first stop is – how is vaping different from smoking?

    Smoking is a process of firing up a tobacco with chemical premises and breathing in smoke. As a result, dangerous particles invade the body and attach themselves to the living tissues. Vaping is merely vaporizing a liquid with nicotine (or without it) and food additives and it doesn’t involve any burning.

    Scientists in the United States haven’t come to an agreement regarding the effects vaping has on human health. However, both opinions are justified by a substantial amount of evidence, which you can study and come to your own conclusions. And the first argument to consider is that if you don’t smoke, you probably don’t need to vape as well.

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