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    May 1, 2014

    SOOO..... it seems to me that Jose Reyes from SILVER WOLF CUSTOMS HAS SOME EXPLAINING TO DO! Even though I know there is nothing to explain & your just a fucking con artist. But let's amuse the masses and explain to everybody what a crook you are.

    So the story goes like this ladies and gentlemen....

    Back in august 2017, Donald Wolfgang Mustain III paid Jose reyes from SWC $10,000 for 100 Mods that wolfgang designed called “The Wraith “. Jose said it would take 2 months to complete & ship the mods. Months & months & months go by. FINALLY 5 MONTHS LATER jose delivered a box of BROKEN MODS in JANUARY! All were unsalable with the exception of about 10. wolfgang told jose he wanted his money back which sounds pretty reasonable to me! Jose reyes said he wouldnt reimburse wolfgang so hr filed a chargeback with his bank. Wolfgang even had the decency to notify jose & tell him he was filing a chargeback! Jose told wolfgang that he would not dispute the chargeback. Apparently jose reyes Is a complete and total liar because he is now fighting the charge back and lying to the credit card company saying that he delivered a good product. (SCREEN SHOTS ATTACHED) This is not how you do business you fucking ass clown. I would have more patience for Jose but hes been doing this for a long time taking money From Peter to pay Paul for these mods or telling people that the release day on this mod is on this day only to find out it's months and months From being released. Lying to people and treating them like there is not how you get anywhere in life and it's not how you do business. It's also bed karma to treat people like this and believe me you will get what's coming to you. I would like an explanation of why you've been doing this for so many years Jose. Why do you Prey on unsuspecting people? For this your time in this community has come to an end, you are done. Please share this and let every shop owner In consumer you know about this con artist we have in our community. This has been another convicted vapes public service announcement. #TAKEITDEEP

    27750535_1643758985662286_272451864280443085_n (1).jpg 27973125_1643758838995634_8427617199581589215_n (1).jpg 27858536_1643758932328958_3331488809082719147_n (1).jpg 27545709_1643759215662263_901366819727438479_n.jpg 27858213_1643759018995616_6168157916234922007_n.jpg 27868136_1643759085662276_4469334345234117347_n.jpg
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    May 23, 2016
    It sounds like you bought a 100 of the New Jose mods.... Called The Shaft........

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    Jul 13, 2017
    What a rat. Cunts come from all walks of life unfortunately, it's just a shame it takes getting shafted for it to come out in the wash :/ hope the cunt gets his just desserts

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