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    The Exceed Edge by Joyetech is a pod system that has a changeable coil head and is easily refillable.It is ergonomically designed to give pure flavour using the EX 1.2 ohm coil head.

    It is perfectly designed for the mouth to lung vapers and the advanced vaper as well. Its compact,sleek and ergonomically fits in the hand. It is also designed to handle high nicotine salts.

    The kit comes in a neat little package and includes instruction sheet,warranty card. As well as 2 x EX 1.20hm coils and its own usb charger. Its available in red,black,yellow,silver,orange and the much loved dazzling colours.

    easy fill

    easily changeable coil head


    pod holds 2ml liquid

    battery is 650mah

    max wattage 25w

    direct output

    the entire system measures 26.5 x 110 x20 mm

    and weighs a mere 74 grams


    it has a large black fire button and a battery indicator LED lights(designed to resemble tail lights)

    If battery is 60-100% the lights stay lit

    if its at 30-59% it flashes more slowly

    at 10-29% it moderately flashes

    and at 0-9% it flashes in frequency

    The painted body is made of Zinc Alloy, and the POD itself is made of PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) plastic. A very durable paint job too imo

    The EXCEED EDGE is very reasonably priced at around $25 US

    In my opinion the Edge provides a nice flavorsome vape with a surprising amount of vapor. I used both 50/50 and high vg juice with no problems. At only 3mg of nic it was very satisfying. I have not tried it with nic salt . Its a very solid device that I think would make a great starter kit for a newbie wanting to quit smoking. But only being 650mah battery it is only a good back-up for me as I am a chain vaper. I did notice when the battery was about 30-40% I was getting a bit of juice in my mouth because there didn't seem to be enough power to vaporize the juice fast enough or it may have been because I was chain vaping and the juice was so hot it got thinner. . And personally I am not a fan of the flat mouthpiece even though it fits very comfortable in the mouth. But over all I would definitely recommend it to a beginner but to a chain vaper like myself its strictly a back up.

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