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    Apr 27, 2014

    Vaporjoe is at it again! While the vaping community moves forward - The Vaporjoes Network is hard at work starting a new deals blog. This site will be dedicated to the best ejuice deals the internet has to offer. Vaporjoes will now be the hardware side of the Network and Juice.deals will be the ejuice side. The site should be open in the next 2 weeks and will be given priority over the next month to build its archives. We will try and post juice deals that are on going and not just deals that last 24-48 hours. This will be a blog you can come to knowing there is a solid source for your ejuice and DIY needs.

    This subforum will be all the deals that come from Juice.deals and feel free to post any ejuice deals or DIY deals you find that might add to the blog.
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    Apr 4, 2016
    If this is appropriate, We would be glad to provide a permanent coupon/deal for any and all VaporJoes websites and forums. We could provide a permanent $11.99 120ml bottle deal with free shipping. I will create the coupon as: JUICEDEALS If you’d like to use it, it’ll remain active.

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