JUUL advice. Properly keeping the pod coil wicked.

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    Nov 22, 2017
    I’ve grown very fond of the JUUL.

    I previously went through a wide range of vapes.
    My favorite was SMOK g-priv, baby-beast tank, the quad cylinders coil, 60w. Any 12mg/ml juice hit was smooth and plentiful.

    But I’ve since put them all on the shelve in favor of the JUUL.

    Love the powerful hits of nicotine.

    I’ve discovered that to get strong consistent hits throughout the lifetime of the pod, you need to regularly, re-wick the cotton+coil.

    Here’s how you do it:

    1. Pull out the pod
    2. Flick it a couple of times to make sure both wick pickups are completely flooded. If you can’t make a complete pressure seal around both wicks, throw out the pod. You’re too low. Grab a new one.
    3. Gently squeeze the body.
    4. Monitor for the appearance of tiny bubbles around the wick pickups.
    5. Gently ease off the squeezing. You’re letting the socks “suck in and transport” the fluid to the heating element.
    6. Repeat a couple of times until you see no more bubbles.
    7. Don’t over do it because you’ll flood the coils and will get wet hits.


    You can do the same regular wicking maintenance routine without having to pull off the pod out.

    1. Flick the JUUL a few times in the correct orientation. This will properly flood the wicks and drive all the bubbles away.

    2. Gently squeeze the pod pody. Listen for the bubbles!

    3. Stop as soon as you stop hearing more bubbles. Don’t flood it!

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