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    Jan 30, 2016
    I just recently ordered the Kangertech Subox Mini Kit from vapingbest.com and even before you open the box you have to admire the lengths Kanger went to make the Subox Mini really stand out. The packaging is exquisite and almost something you'd want to just put above your desk and admire from time to time. Well they didn't stop there because when you open the box the sleek and sexy Subox Mini immediately catches your eye with its smooth edges and popping colors. I will not get into the details on what components make up the kit because those can be found on any site so I'll jump right in to how my Subox Mini experience went.

    First off the kit allows you to jump right in and get vaping right from the box provided you pick up a battery and some juice. This makes it easy for those vapers that are just starting out and might not feel comfortable wicking their first coil. This was a big plus for me also because I didn't have to fool around with anything just threw in some juice and I was off to the races (it was wicked perfectly and had no issues from box to vape). I started with the 0.5ohm and stayed around 28W. This threw out some beautiful clouds that had an even sweeter taste. The small downfall I came across was with the 70/30 juice (MegaMelons by Cuttwoods) I was using I noticed that the vertical coils became slightly saturated at times and had some spitback. I cranked up the wattage a bit to help clear the system and it seemed to work fine afterwards. Once I put in the 1.5ohm I never came across this issue. The 1.5ohm produced slightly smaller clouds unlike the billowing seen from the 0.5ohm. The flavor of my juice really packed a great punch from the 1.5ohm (I thought the 0.5ohm tasted great but this somehow was better). The adjustable air ventilation allows you three options when you are vaping. There is a wide open option that allows you to pull relatively restriction free, a moderate option and a restrictive option that has two small pin holes on each side. It all comes down to your preference in how much restriction you would like but I used all three and never saw any leaking or spitting out of the air flow system. There is a RBA that also comes with the kit and I have yet to rebuild it so I cant comment on that as of yet. I could see a small downfall with the rebuild in being that would be you lose the usability of the vertical coils which could be a bummer if thats one of the perks of this kit.

    The first thing that stood out to me while inspecting the exterior of the of mod was how durable it felt. It really has a great weight to it that I did not expect when I opened the box. It definitely does not feel chincy or cheap and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Its the perfect size to throw in your pocket or purse without it being an annoyance. I personally have the white and if you love Starwars it looks just like a Stormtrooper. There is also a black/red option that is really tough looking and the red buttons are what really stand out to me against the contrast of the black mod. One small caveat with the white was that I saw a small color differentiation between the battery door and the mod itself. It was weird, it had to be just in the right lighting to tell (you really have to be looking close to see) which is not a big deal to me because no one is looking that close. The buttons including the fire button are easy to use and sturdy with a nice "click" so no worries about throwing it in the pocket and it firing unexpectedly (depending on how tight your pants are). The screen switches orientation by holding the +/- buttons for 5 seconds and powers on/off with 5 clicks of fire button. The Subox tank is great and can hold 4.5mL of juice, which is awesome. The down fall looking at the tank/mod is that you may have to be weary with the tanks you put on the mod box because the 510 pin is fixed and not spring loaded. This wont limit you from putting on certain tanks and having them work just fine but there will be a gap between the tank and no one wants that because it just looks silly. The battery door is not coming off or rattling with any normal activities, Kanger did a great job by throwing four really strong magnets on there. The battery can be charged via USB which is great and can even be vaped while on the charger. I really wish they would have made the USB cord a little longer to allow putting it on a night stand or setting it on a table, its just long enough to set on the ground so sometimes I have trouble finding a place to keep it standing upwards while plugged in. The minuscule issues I have about the Kanger Subox Mini would definitely not stop me from highly recommending a friend to picking one up. Its a great bang for your buck as a person just getting started into the mod world or if you've been vaping for years. The rebuildable RBA keeps those that are veterans interested in really taking this mod kit to the next level.

    Rebuildable RBA
    Strong Magnetic Battery Door
    Vertical Coils
    New and Improved Ventilation

    Does Not Come With Battery
    No TC Control
    510 Connector is Fixed

    Side Note: Vapingbest.com also threw in their silicon case for the subox mini free of charge. Its a perfect white that blends in perfect with the mod and has openings for the buttons and the battery so no looks are lost. I've dropped it once or twice so far and has prevented any markings from getting on my mod which is awesome. It also gives it a little different grip as well. Its definitely a personal preference but I really love it.

    If interested you can pick up the Subox Mini Starter Kit for a wickedly low price of 49.99 (w/ free shipping) at vapingbest.com. They shipped within 24hrs and have great customer service.

    Thanks for reading.

    "A Vape a Day Keeps the Doctor Away"
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    Feb 17, 2016
    Great review. Thank you.

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