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    Apr 27, 2014

    One of the best tanks on the market at an incredible price! This is the lowest price I have seen even in the USA - It's even cheaper than China.

    Smok has proven to us, once again, that if the flavor is truly what you are after, then, the flavor is definitely what you are going to get with their line of tanks. All hail the Baby Beast King! The TFV12 Baby Prince tank may be described with a childlike term, however, it is definitely not a kid in this game. The TFV12 Baby Prince Tank brings an upgraded feature to the much loved TFV8 baby beast. It is compatible with the V8 baby - Q4, the V8 baby-T12 red light, and the V8 Baby Mesh coils, all of which sport awesome features and produce intense flavors. The mesh coil, for example, is designed to speed up the heating process, thanks to its large heating area. The red light coil, additionally, will emit light while vaping. This tank makes use of a glass bulb tube that is capable of expanding to accommodate a whopping 4.5ml worth of juice. If you're familiar with the brand, SMOK, then, you recognize their dedication to producing innovative vaping devices. The TFV12 Baby Prince Tank is not left out of this mix. All hail the Baby Beast King!

    Product Features:

    26mm by 53.7mm
    510 Thread
    Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube
    4.5ml E Juice Capacity
    Top Fill Method
    Central Airflow
    Stainless Steel
    Cobra Drip Tip
    Double Adjustable Airflow Slots
    Utilizes Variable V8 Baby Coils

    Package Includes:

    1 x TFV12 Baby Prince Tank
    1 x V8 Baby-Q4 Quadruple Coil (Pre-installed)
    1 x V8 Baby-T12 Red Light Duodecuple Coil
    1 x V8 Baby Mesh Coil
    1 x 3.0ml Replacement Glass
    1 x Set of Spare Parts

    WHERE: >> HERE <<


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Click here to get more information on this deal....
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    Jul 10, 2014
    SMOK - TFV12 Prince Baby Tank

    Great tips @Rip trippers ! I just got a brand new "TFV12 Prince Baby Tank" it's the one that comes with the mesh coil, the Red led light up coil (I wish SMOK would make some led coils in these colors.... White, Blacklight, Bright Purple and a actual strobe light led!! Cool huh?!!) and a kinda regular sub ohm coil. I just got it today (8/3/18) and I took it out of the package, washed it, dried it, checked the o-rings and everything looked great. I then tightened the shat out of the mesh coil into the base until the coil stopped turning. I put everything back together as tight as I could screw the pieces together. I always use those bumpy small rubber grip mats that you use to open tight ass mason jars and glass spaghetti sauce jars with (they are usually green in color).

    I also cut the mats down to size so the pieces fit perfect for each section of the tank(s). So I filled it up with 80vg/20pg ejuice. Let it sit for over an hour and when I went back in my room to get my mod setup and try it out that's when I saw that the tank was half empty... I started cussing!
    I already knew what happened... Not my first leaking tank rodeo. LOL!

    Well just about all the ejuice had leaked out, through the coil, it filled up the air flow chamber and then it ran out of the air flow slots and ran down all over my HexOhm v3 mod! OMG I WAS PISSED!! Cleaning time!!!

    Anyway I saw a video on here sometime ago about trimming a negative wire at the very bottom of the SMOK coils where it sits between the o-rings... should I check that out? I mean I'm using the mesh coil and it's new to me in a pre-made coil (I'm 88% a RDA user I'm using the "TM24PRO RDA" right now (and it rules)) so what wires should I check on the mesh coils? I thought SMOK fixed all the dang coils!! Grrr.

    I also have a "SMOK - TFV8 X-Baby - Baby Beast Brother" it's the one with the top air flow chamber and that S.O.A.B. will flood the tube that is in the middle of the tank (the tube that moves vapor up and into the drip tip and then into your mouth) sometimes and when you take a first or second toke off that X-Baby after it's been sitting still for 2 days or so it's just like sucking up ejuice through a straw out of a Solo cup!! Gag!!! :'(

    Can anyone give me some more pointers?


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