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    Aug 23, 2018
    I received kizoku limit mtl rta from heaven gifts for the purpose of this review.

    Kizoku limit mtl rta colors:

    - Black
    - Ss brushed
    - Gun metal sandblasted



    - Size: 22 x 55.7mm
    - Capacity: 2ml/3ml
    - Material: stainless steel, glass
    - Compatible with replaceable atomizer coil
    - Childproof lock and leak-proof valve design
    - Supports rebuildable DIY coil

    In the box:

    - Limit Atomizer
    - Spare Glass Tube
    - Tool Bag
    - Manual
    - Warranty Card


    Limit mtl rta comes in 3 different colors. This atomizer is 22mm in diameter and it is 55.7mm in height. Atomizer comes in pretty much nice package, in the package you will receive spare glass tank and you will receive coil and cotton which is great if you don't have wire or cotton. Build quality of this atomizer is very solid, everything is as it should be, threads are good and maching is also good. On the top cap you can see engraved limit, also on the atomizer you can see arrow and on the top cap and airflow control ring we have some details, from the bottom of the atomizer you can see some standard informations. Personally I really like the design of this atomizer. This atomizer is different than other atomizers mostly because you can use it as rta atomizer and you can use here coils from aspire nautilus 2 which is really good for beginners.


    Atomizer comes with 510 drip tip and this drip tip stays perfectly in the place. Drip tip is comfortable for using in my opinion. In case that you don't like this drip tip you can use here any other 510 drip tip that you have without problems.


    This is a top fill atomizer and here we have pretty much interesting top fill system. On the top cap we have some details that helps when you want to unscrew it and when you unscrew it you need to push top cap and you will see the fill hole. As I said you need to push the top cap where arrow is. On the fill hole you can see silicone that prevents liquid to get out. I really like this top fill system because it is simple and you never have to worry that you will open it in your pocket because you need first to unscrew the top cap and then push it. Fill hole is okay, I can fill the tank easy with my gorilla bottles.


    This atomizer you can buy with 2ml tank or with 3ml tank, I have one with 3ml capacity and I think 3ml is pretty much good for mtl vaping. To replace the glass tank you need to unscrew the chamber from the chimney. Top part of the chamber is small but there is almost no conical shape on the top of the chamber. On this atomizer you can unscrew the base and you can change your coil or cotton even if you have e liquid left in the tank which is very good if you ask me.


    On the build deck you can see two posts, screws here are good and there is no problems with screws. On the build deck you can also see two wicking slots and you can see airflow hole under the coil. Airflow hole under the coil is about 2mm in diameter. You can unscrew the build deck and when you unscrew it you can screw in coils from nautilus 2 which is very good for beginners and this atomizer can be a good choice if you are beginner. Building and wicking here is very simple which is very good because if you are beginner you can place coil here simple.

    On the base you can see the airflow control ring and you can take off the ring which I like because that way you can clean better your atomizer and you can change o rings. On the airflow control ring we have one slot for airflow adjustment. On the base you can see 6 airflow holes and each hole is 0.8mm in diameter, on the base we also have one slot and dimension of the slots are 1mmx10mm.


    How this atomizer works and my thoughts:

    Build quality of this atomzier is very solid and machining is very good. I like the design of this atomizer, it would be usefull that is fully transparent but this way it looks really nice in my opinion. Drip tip is comfortable for using and you can use here any other 510 drip tip. Top fill system is good in my opinion and you can fill the tank really fast but you never have to worry about opening the top cap in your pocket. I would like that in the package they included spare silicone because this one broke very fast, but still there is no any leaking and also there is no leaking when you fill the tank. Capacity is 3ml which is in my opinion very good capacity if you use this atomizer for mtl vaping. I really like that you can use this atomizer as rta atomizer and also you can unscrew the deck and use it with coils from nautilus 2. Building and wicking here is very simple and I belive that you will have no problems. I would like that airflow hole on the deck is small but because of this hole you can use this atomizer for mtl and dtl vaping. So if you use it for mtl vaping you will have loose mtl draw because it works best when you open two airflow holes on the airflow ring because hole under the coil is about 2mm in diameter and if you use it for dtl vaping with airflow fully open you can have restrictive dtl draw. I really like tight mtl draw and tobacco flavors that works better with small airflow hole under the coil and in my opinion this atomizer works a bit better for restrictive dtl vaping with some fruit flavors. I didn't try this atomizer with aspire nautilus 2 coils and I can't say how it works that way. I think that this atomizer will be good choice for beginners because they can try rta atomizer while they still can use nautilus 2 coils.
    So basically this is a solid atomizer if you like loose mtl vaping or restrictive dtl vaping, I would suggest it to beginners because this atomizer could be very good choice and it can be used with nautilus coils and it can be used as rta which is good.


    - No spare silicone in the package
    - Chamber almost has no conical shape


    - Build quality is good
    - Nice top fill system
    - Paint looks good
    - No leaking
    - Easy to build and wick
    - Compatible with nautilus 2 coils
    - Easy to adjust the airflow
    - Good for beginners
    - 3ml capacity
    - You can change the coil or cotton when you have eliquid in the tank
    - Coils, cotton and spare glass in the package

    Thanks heaven gifts

    You can buy it here: kizoku limit mtl rta

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