Lack Of Electronic Cigarette Regulation Poses Risk To Society

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    Jun 28, 2014
    Lack Of Electronic Cigarette Regulation Poses Risk To Society
    Posted by brian yaeger on 12/3/2014 to Electronic Cigarette News & Story's
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    Lack of Regulation Poses Safety Concern


    According to the Winnipeg Free Press the lack of some sort of FDA regulations concerning electronic cigarettes poses great risk to the health of many. I find it funny, but as I was reading through their article they state that e-cigs are developed and manufactured in china as if that is the only place where these devices are made. It’s as if they want you to believe that because supposedly all electronic cigarettes are made there that the devices as a whole are evil. What a load of pure crap. As I continue to read they are making the case on e-cigarette cartridges which it seems to me barely anyone uses. Everyone I know has evolved to getting bottled liquids which in my opinion if you do your homework as to who you are buying them from can be a fairly safe venture. Oh yea, and I love the part where the doctor says there is not enough sufficient evidence to claim that electronic cigarettes are in fact a way for someone to quit smoking. That’s funny because I smoked for 17 years and since I started vaping I have not found the need to pick up a cigarette since. There is also plenty of evidence and scientific studies that say quite the opposite of what this doctor, probably paid off by big tobacco is stating. All say again, what a pure load of B.S.

    Here’s more on what the article had to say:

    Developed and manufactured in China, vapes started to appear on the scene about four years ago.

    The device functions much like a cigarette. When a user "puffs" on a vape, it triggers a mechanism that releases a variety of chemicals from a cartridge that are absorbed into the lungs, just like cigarette smoke.

    In Canada, it is illegal to buy vapes containing nicotine or to market the devices as a smoking cessation tool.

    But e-cigarette cartridges containing nicotine can be imported. Some contain as much or more nicotine than tobacco cigarettes.

    Dr. Marcia Anderson DeCoteau, a medical officer of health with the Winnipeg Health Region, says the main problem is that vapes are unregulated.

    "Vapes are not regulated so you can't be sure what's in it in terms of the amount of nicotine or other potentially toxic materials," she says. Studies have shown that some vapes contain chemicals known to cause cancer.

    Some promoters of vapes have talked up the devices as a potential aid to help people quit smoking. But Anderson DeCoteau says there is not sufficient evidence at this time to suggest that e-cigarettes can help anyone quit their addiction to tobacco.

    Moreover, she notes, there are nicotine replacement therapies that are regulated and do have good evidence when used in combination with support from a health-care provider.

    TO READ MORE PLEASE CLICK HERE: http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/arts-and-life/life/health/health-matters/284491051.html
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    Jul 10, 2014
    I think we need to have a march on FDA HQ with several thousand vapers holding signs like "I'm good evidence!", "I'm an ancedote", "I quit using an eCig", "I'm 55 and I like flavors!", etc..
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    Jun 27, 2014
    I believe the "Moreover" part clearly indicates her agenda.

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