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    Aug 5, 2015
    So I have had this mod for awhile. Mine has a magnetic switch upgrade. The top cap is a hybrid. I have a mini velocity I use with it. You are best with a atty that you can drip through the chuff cap and single copil - it is an 18350 mod guys. So the atty actually sits deep in the well of the top cap - the edge of the top of the mod surrounds the bottom of your atty - about a 1.5 mm surround. So you need to adjust your airflow first before setting up and vertical coil works best. My build is a .78 single vertical clapton.

    Now 18350 batteries do not last long - an hour and half average for me. I use IMR - both efest and awr - and take four batteries with me to work, lol. Just enough if you do not chain vape. I cannot at work. So I'm pretty happy with it. It draws smooth as silk with the velocity and great flavor - used thumper standard today - a grape flavor.

    This is the smallest mech mod on the market today. With the atty the mod is 82 mm high - with just the mod it is 56 mm high. That is very small guys. So after about a month and half now I can say this is a great little mod. I store it for work in a small efest battery case - the two battery one. Fits perfect I though my simple was small was small, lol, but this is tiny.

    Now because it is a hybrid it actually hits okay for such a small battery and highish build ( I generally us below .2 ohms on my mechs). I get great flavor and decent cloud. What can I say. If you have not tried an 18350 this is one to look at.

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