Looking for a good RTA for simple builds--vape budget a major consideration

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    May 2, 2015
    Right everyone, it has been a while since I even posted on the forum. Been out of the loop with the latest vaping trends since I typically build my own coils, wick with whats on hand (I'm partial to the organic cotton make up pads I can pick up at the local Walgreens for next to nothing) and typically use simple builds (round wire, sometimes twisted but nothing fancy).

    Anyway the build deck on my Smok TFV-4 finally failed after being worked hard for over a year. And by worked hard I mean I vaped it all day every day. I had to hunt around in my literature (cause I keep that stuff) to find the build deck to replace it, and eventually found one so I have two in the mail.

    Since I typically hand wrap, I don't use a jig or anything, and my vape budget is pretty tight, and I'm wanting to get a new RTA I'm looking for some suggestions. Though I do have my eye on the Griffin (it had some hype months back--and I'm not a super early adopter so I'm definitely wondering if the hype was right). What I'm looking for is a RTA that can handle daily (or nearly daily) use by a relatively heavy vaper who prefers to make simple builds typically using round wire.

    If I'm not clear in this post feel free to ask me questions as I'm wanting suggestions for an RTA that is rugged enough to handle daily use and can withstand being in a chef's pocket all day long at the restaurant.

    ETA: I typically build single coils but I'm not opposed to double coils if I can keep the resistance above 0.2 ohms (below that my sigelei 100w/150w mods won't fire--I think that's a protection feature for the chip set).
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    Jan 24, 2016
    Merlin Mini, two decks included. Velocity deck and a single coil deck, I would recommend just sticking with the single coil deck. Easy to build, wick and one hell of a good Vape.

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