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    Aug 31, 2016
    Well, here it is, written review of the iJoy RDTA 5s (just like the title said, wow shocker)
    First review so don't crucify me. This review isn't influenced in any way, I bought the iJoy myself. I have also included some stock photos at the bottom of the review curtsy of iJoy.

    Quick once over on whats in the box then on to my opinion.
    - Atomizer (no shit) 24mm
    - Screwdriver - Phillips (twice as long as what's normally included with kits, very happy here)
    - Bag of Goodies which include
    - Pair of coils that ohm out between 0.19 - 0.22. Fused Clapton variety (no idea the material)
    - Couple strips of Japanese cotton
    - Extra Screws (2 of them)
    - Extra O-rings (1 of each - see note later on o-rings)
    -Extra Glass Tank

    Box is set up nicely, very simple. Not much to say. Warranty card under the insert. Otherwise no directions.

    Production Value - You know, that big question of buttery threads.
    - Buttery Threads - Yes
    - What threads into what - Well with this atomizer, the only thing that threads in is the build deck, which inserts into the center base of the tank. Otherwise the only other thing with threads are the screws and 510 pin on the bottom, which seems to be adjustable. Nice threads, they really didn't have to worry about many, but they are nice. Moving on.

    O-rings instead of threading

    - I personally like the fact that their are o-rings instead of threading, makes things quicker to access parts of the atomizer, and you don't have to worry about cross-threading. I honestly haven't figured out a couple parts of the o-rings. Will find a picture or post a diagram on which ones go which later.

    Build Deck
    - Screws - They are phillips headed screws, and they have a taper on the inside, I personally don't like this. They may have tried to make it less likely to strip out the screw, but it just seems like it slips more, and I have a heavy hand, so slipping of screws is bad.
    - Velocity Deck - Issue here as well, when first trying out this atomizer, I used 3x30g twisted wire, slipped through the post holes after screws were tight, no reason they should have done that. Threads didn't seem to tighten enough. The fused clapton they included on the other hand fit snug, so I would say either I had a bad egg, or just stay away from basic coils with this one, fatter the better.
    - The deck is gold plated though, which is nice and shiny, also seems like it fires quicker with the gold plating (don't quote me on that)
    - Center hole in base of deck right between the velocity posts, that's your fill hole. And I do have a few things to say about that, scroll down a tad for that.
    - There are also 2 breather holes for filling, which is good.

    - 2.6 ml Tank (that's what they say) It fits maybe 2.5 max.
    Tank is small. Like if you are used to RTA's this one drinks ejuice quick as shit. Otherwise if you are used to drippers you shouldn't have too many complaints about the tank size.
    - There is a gap between the tank and wicking channels when you take the outside casing off, don't worry, the o-rings will keep that sealed off.

    Drip Tip
    - Amber Ultem wide bore drip tip (thumbs up)
    Drip tip is really nice, fits the mouth if you are used to chuff caps and the like. It does not get hot when you chain vape, ( I tried) but the metal does so keep the lips on the tip. The amber looks really nice. Though it does seem to get moist on the inside taper, so don't lick it. (Yes, don't lick your tip!)

    Wicking Capability
    - Wicking goes better with the bottom section off. Pain if you try it without removing the bottom.
    - Can wick it all the way to the bottom of the channels or part way into the channels. It does work either way and it will not leak if you put the wicks 1/4 - 1/2 way into the channels. If you barely insert your wicks and it leaks, that's your fault. I tested the leaking by holding it upside-down with the top cap off for 5 min, no dripping.

    Filling the Tank
    - Pain in the ass without the right equipment. It does not work well with glass droppers, I have flooded the deck at least a dozen times trying, so please use caution trying it this way.
    - Just dropping liquid into the middle in hopes it goes into the tank doesn't work well either.
    - Apparently the chubby gorilla bottles work, but I don't have one on hand to try.
    - I currently use a long blunt tip dispensing needle and a 10ml syringe (which I use for DIY) to fill, it works really well to be honest.
    - Your first fill will probably go without a problem, but after that be forewarned.
    - When you fill the tank (after first fill-up) you should hear little popping noises, that is the breather holes, and that also means it is working, keep doing what your doing.
    - When the deck floods, it really floods. Of course I was an idiot most of the time and left the bottom airflow open, so juice all over the mod and my hand (many times)
    - So remember, long nipples.

    - Bottom airflow, side airflow, or both. It's your choice.
    - When using the bottom airflow, has a very distinct wooshing noise. You can crack the side airflow slightly to considerably reduce this noise, but you will lose flavor in the process.
    - I personally love bottom airflow wide open, sides shut completely. Just good flavor, and you get used to the whoosh.

    Flavor / Cloud production
    - Flavor is good on this. My ejuice has more flavor than when I vape on my pseudo-goon, but less flavor than using the psuedo-petri. (pseudo is fancy for clone)
    - Cloud production, well full open airflow it's like breathing air, so it chucks clouds.
    - I am creating a new rating system for flavor, the flavor intensity rating.

    0 = Breathing Air 11 = Actual flavor of juice on tongue ( I only go to 10, never drink ejuice. Ever.)

    Flavor Intensity Rating - 5.75

    Solid number, 5.75 is good, nothing will hit 10, so think 9 like the top.

    (-Extra Section-)

    - This section will not be included with every review, this was more accident than true test.
    It dropped a good 4-5 ft before hitting concrete. Top cap flew off from impact, glass never broke. Drip tip got a scratch. Mod took most the impact. But it did survive, so that's a plus

    Final Thoughts
    I personally like it. I have never been a fan of tanks, and have dripped since I first got into building. So this is a fresh way to keep the dripping spirit, while having the conveinance of a tank. So I give it a thumbs up overall. Yes it has it's downfalls (see above descriptions) but the pro's outway the con's.

    If you like tanks, I don't personally believe you will like it, but what do I know. If you are a dripper, try it. If you already have rdta's, well I can't make that recommendation. This is the first in my collection. I will later down the road make a comparison between this and the regular iJoy RDTA 5. Just give me some time.

    I hope this review has helped out those thinking about buying this product.

    Thank you if you actually made it this far reading, this was my first review if you couldn't tell. I hope to continue doing reviews, unless of course there is a public outcry and a mob forms, then I will stop. Comment all you like with feedback on how to make this and other reviews better. Thanks for your time.

    ~Lotus Insane

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    May 3, 2017
    Really good review, especially considering it's your first. I think the only thing your missing is pictures. If someone stumbles across this and hasn't seen the 5S or forgot what it look like, like I have pics would be good. Other then that great job.

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  3. Lotus Insane

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    Aug 31, 2016
    Thank you for the feedback and I really appreciate the kind words. I will jump onto iJoy's website and pull some stock pics to place on here. I know photos would be better, just never hand the time on hand to take them.

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