LUX Vape Pen draw-activated big vapor & enjoy a great vape

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    Jul 31, 2017
    LUX Vape Pen: The Next “Big” Thing in Vaping.
    Wellon LUX Pod system refillable pod craft with ceramic coils last longer with delivering huge delectable clean vapor and nice flavorful hit.

    LUX Vape Pen draw-activated big vapor


    The Features of LUX Vape Pen

    LUX Vape Pen Material
    Battery: Al Alloy, ABS
    Cartridge: Cu, pctg, magnet
    Coil: oil-absorbing ceramic coil
    Whole body size: 95*19*10.6mm
    Whole body N.W.: 22g
    Battery capacity: 450mah
    Charging time: 2h
    E-liquid capacity: 1.2ml
    Resistance range: 1.4Ohm

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