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    Jan 24, 2016
    Tried the Clone and really liked it so got two of the Authentics, SS and Black. This really is a leak proof RDA. Comparing to the Clone, the Authentic is higher quality of materials and machining. The Authentic is a tiny bit taller, about 2-3mm. Also due to higher quality it also doesn't get as hot with the same exact build that I had in the Clone. The air comes down from the top in 4 separate channels, two for under coil air and two for side air. Fully adjustable air and very smooth.

    This really is an awesome Vape and is totally leak proof in my experience so far. I even went so far to overdrip to where my coils were submerged and no leaks at all.

    I'm really loving this RDA, I have a tendency to overdrip so this is a major plus for me. The flavor is excellent and the Vape is smooth.

    I got mine from Dragons Den for $110 each. Yes it's pricy but IMO very much worth the price. The Clone I initially got was something like $13 from 3Fvape. Not bad quality but not nearly the quality of the Authentic.

    Here's my black one on my Curimao, one hell of a good Vape!


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