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    I want to start by apologizing for my last review (RX2 21700), I presented some facts, and I was proven wrong by people who are more knowledgeable than me, I added an edit there, but I still want to apologize, I am truly sorry. My reviews are based on the everyday use of the specific device for an amount of time until I think I got my facts straight. I am not able to provide more information about the components of the device, the way it is built, and I strongly recommend you to read or watch posts of other reviewers that can present much more technical information. Again, please accept my apologies.

    Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by Wismec for the purpose of this review. The review is based on the device I received, but not all devices can be the same due to the margin of error, poor quality control, or other situations that may compromise the device.

    As the market is basically filling up with squonk kits, Wismec and Jay Bo decided to try their hand at manufacturing a squonk kit too. The squonk kit manufactured by Wismec features the Luxotic BF box mod and the Tobhino RDA. When I received it, I was pretty interested in it, it wasn't formally announced, and all the info I could get was in the user manual, still, I started messing with it right away, and have been using it daily for 2 weeks now. Besides the spare parts I got in the box, Wismec sent another package containing an Ultem beauty ring and a normal non-squonk 510 pin for the RDA that they said will be included in the package when buying the kit.

    Album of Pictures:

    Specs and Features:

    Luxotic BF Box Mod:

    * Height: 76.7mm

    * Length: 43.2mm

    * Width: 25.1mm

    * 510 spring loaded connector

    * Powered by single 18650 battery

    * Max output Wattage: 100W

    * Built-in chip with safety features, on/off

    * Unregulated

    * 7.5ml e-liquid bottle

    Tobhino BF RDA:

    * Height: 28.7mm

    * Diameter: 22mm/25mm(when using the decorative ring

    * Single coil

    * Changeable 510/810 drip tip

    Kit Content:

    * Luxotic BF Box Mod

    * Tobhino BF RDA

    * Spare e-liquid bottle

    * x2 Clapton Coils (please correct me if wrong)

    * Cotton

    * 810 top cap

    * User Manual, Warning Card

    * Spare parts


    The Luxotic BF kit from Wismec looks good, handsome I can say! The Tobhino RDA features a 510 top cap and drip tip but you have the option to use your preferred 510 drip tip or your 810 drip tip with the optional 810 top cap. The kit includes a 510 drip tip, but no 810 drip tip? Would have loved if they also provided an 810 drip tip, but it's fine. The RDA is silver, with the exception of the top cap and 510 drip tip which are made of Ultem, and the decorative ring, also made from Ultem. If you do decide to use that ring, it will make the RDA 25mm without increasing any of the RDA specifications, it's just a beauty accessory. On the top of the Luxotic BF mod there is the 510 connector and near it the Jay Bo logo. On the backside lays engraved the Wismec logo. The battery door is changeable, and there are 3 versions available: Honeycomb resin (version I received), Swirled metallic resin and Green honeycomb. The mod is available only in silver color, and it's really made of some kind of metal or alloy. On the bottom of the mod, there is a honeycomb style door that keeps the bottle from not falling down. The fire button is round shaped and pretty protruding. Under it there are some decorative kidney shaped holes. Even thought the width of the box mod is 25.1mm, 25mm atomizers won't sit flush on it because of the rounded edges.

    Luxotic BF Performance:

    Even though it's an unregulated device, it does have a tiny chip that offers some protections and allows the user to power on or off the device. I did not find the specific protections, as only the max output wattage is specified. I really cheated here and watched DJLSBs review and he said that he managed to fire it at very low resistances (not recommended at all).

    Starting from the top, the 510 pin is spring loaded, I used 3 different RDAs on it, and it made a good connection with every single one. The threads on the 510 by far better than the ones on the RX2 21700, and are pretty smooth. Removing the battery cover exposes the inside of the mod. The battery cover is held by 3 magnets. Under the 510 pin, there is the chip encased in a little box and under it the 7.5ml e-liquid bottle. The bottle seems to be made out of plastic, but still, it can be squeezed pretty easily. The battery compartment is on the right side of the mod, and it features a spring-loaded + connector, that makes installing the battery easier and it reduces the risk of damaging the wraps of the battery. There is also a ribbon that helps when getting the battery out of the device. In order to refill the bottle, the user needs to remove the bottom cover, that on my device is not staying straight, especially on the left side, where the bottle is. When installing the battery
    the mod will automatically turn on, in order to turn it off 5 rapid clicks of the fire button are required, and same to turn it on again. That's a very nice feature to have in a squonk kit so tiny as this one. It also features a white LED light that will light when pressing the fire button and will blink several times when turning the mod on/off. Being unregulated means that it will deliver less power as the battery is draining, and the mod won't fire if the battery is low. This box mod does not feature USB charging, so an external charger is required, and recommended for charging 18650 batteries.

    Tobhino BD RDA Performance:

    The Tobhino BF RDA is a single coil dripper, that really amazed me in terms of flavor. You can use your own 510 or 810 drip tips, or the provided 510 drip tip with the required top cap. The sleeve also provides the airflow holes, which are composed of 3 round shaped holes placed ''vis-a-vis''. The airflow on the sleeve conducts the air to 2 kidney shaped holes that create a pseudo bottom/side airflow to the coil. The user can easily close/open the airflow by simply twisting the sleeve. Installing a coil is not hard, nor easy, the screws of the ''posts'' are placed under the airflow, and are unscrewed by the provided allen key. To ensure the best performance and airflow, the coil needs to have bent legs so it can sit in the middle of the RDA, as the ''posts'' are on the side of the RDA. Simply slide the coil's legs in the posts and screw them, then adjust the height and you're ready. I used one of the provided Clapton coil, which already had bent legs, so it was a really fast and easy build. Wicking on this RDA is also pretty easy, as you can put less cotton and have more room for your liquid, or more cotton, it's a BF RDA, you have a 7.5ml bottle, so liquid room is not of big importance. The flavor this thing creates is amazing, although, with the 510 drip tip, there is a lot of spit back and condensation, it felt like I was drinking half of my liquid, so I switched to the 810 cap, and these problems disappeared. By using the 810 top cap and drip tip some flavor is sacrificed, but it still performs great in terms of flavor. Clouds are ok for a single coil RDA, clearly, it was made for flavor more because the amount of airflow is not favourable for big clouds.


    * On/Off feature

    * Made out of metal

    * Changeable battery doors; Customizability

    * No button rattle

    * Look (subjective)

    * Battery door magnets are really good

    * Ribbon in battery compartment

    * Small, tiny

    * Flavor

    * Simplicity

    * 810/510 top cap

    * Non-squonk pin included


    * 25mm atomizers won't sit flush

    * Bottom cover just won't stay straight

    * Poorly designed 510 drip tip/top cap combination


    I like the kit. It's simple, works fine, feels comfortable and the vape experience I get from the RDA is good. Flavor is straight on point, and I can actually turn it off when needed. It's also compact and looks durable. The kit will stay in my rotation for sure. I strongly suggest you to read or watch other reviews before buying an item, opinions may be different, and this way you can get a better more objective opinion on the item.

    Thank you!

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