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    Nov 8, 2017
    I have two Nautilus mini which I bought when they appeared on the market, they are quite old but they worked well, until now...
    I put them back in use few months ago. While trying to solve a flavour ghosting issue, I ruined the gaskets, which had become brittle because of age and use.
    I have been surprised that such popular tank, possibly the most sold tank of all time, has such poor service options: The replacement gaskets are only available on eBay and the official Aspire website, at approximately four pounds each, two required. No vape website sells them, while almost everyone has the tank, starting from 18 pounds. No B&M which I visited has the spares for sale either.
    Does somebody knows of any website selling the Nautilus mini replacement gaskets, at a normal, not ripoff price?

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