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    Jun 24, 2017
    First, let me say I was sent this product for review, the following statements are from my experience with the product.


    What can I say about the Xtar PB2S? It was a great idea a nice little power bank/charger something I could keep in my day bag for when my day out took longer than I thought and I needed a quick charge since I hate and will not charge my batteries in my mods, or maybe while waiting for the Doctor's lab tech to do the tests that needed to be done I watched too much Netflix and my phone is almost dead.

    According to Google, it goes for 15-17USD, not a bad price for all it says to offer. Mine came with a pair of 18650 batteries and a USB C cable. It is said to be capable to charge 18650 as well as 2x700s sadly I can not verify this as the one I was sent does not work, it will not stay on for more than five minutes. The batteries I have placed in it were charged in my other charger.


    I did try using the cable that came with it as well as tried using the one for my phone with the same results it will not stay on, half the time it will just flash for the five minutes then shut off even if I leave it alone it will not take a or give a charge.

    So, in my opinion, this is the reason I will be staying away from Xtar products in the future It was a great idea but poor execution unless you want a rather large battery case that flashes at you.

    So thank you @Shenzhen XTAR for the experience and thank you, dear reader, for giving me your time.
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